How to Make the Most Out of Your 10-Minute Break

You’re buried in your computer, books, and your paperwork, just going hours and hours of thinking, memorizing, and typing. Sounds familiar, huh?

You look at the clock and you realize you’ve been at it for hours and you’re still not done.

A feeling of fatigue just starts creeping in, and somewhere along the line, you realize your brain isn’t working the way you want it to. You feel as if it just stopped for some reason. That’s actually the brain’s way of telling you, “let’s take a break!”

You’d be surprised what an effective 5 to 10-minute break could do for you. So how do you make the most of it?


  • Stop thinking about work


The whole idea of a break is to give your brain time to recuperate, so if you still end up stressing over work and thinking about it non-stop, then you’re missing the point. Physically distancing yourself from work is not enough, you need to mentally distance yourself as well.


  • Treat yourself to a snack or a few guilty pleasures


You’ve been working hard for the past few hours. Why not give yourself a reward. You can get some sweets, a quick snack or even a few whiffs from your e-cig. Remember, though, when you go out, it’s better to take with you a few refillable e-cig cartridges just to make sure you don’t run dry while on your break.


  • Use the time to refresh yourself


While on your break, you can take advantage of the time to recharge and freshen up. If you feel drowsy a bit, you can go run for a quick coffee or tea, or you can even take a quick power nap. You can also use the time to wash your face, brush your teeth, practically anything that’ll help you feel refreshed and would make you think, “I’m ready to go!”

So if you feel a bit stressed out, remember, you can just drop everything for a while and take a quick break. You’ve earned it!

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