Hollywood Stars & Vaping: Why Leonardo DiCaprio, Katy Perry Vape?

A lot of people are now using vape instead of the traditional cigarettes. In fact, even the famous celebrities are getting into this trend. Let us take a look at two of the most common reasons why people have chosen vape and its vaping accessories than the traditional cigarette.

It is a healthier option than cigarette smoking.

Some people believe that using vape, instead of the traditional cigarettes is a healthier option; the top most reason why they are vaping. In cases where one wants to quit smoking, vape seems to be a way of weaning their nicotine addiction. There is no scientific proof yet to show that this is the healthiest way to do it; however, many ex-smokers have now turned to vapor cigarettes as their nicotine fix.

Vaping has medicinal reasons.

In countries where medical marijuana is considered legal, vaping herbs provides medicinal benefits. It is said to be a better and crisper way because the process does not involve combustion. There are herbalists that use marijuana vapors to help control the symptoms of a few medical conditions like migraines, chronic pain, and chemotherapy recovery.

Hollywood have shifted to vaping too!

Johnny Depp

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor from Kentucky is now doing a lot more than just acting. He is also a musician and a film producer to name a few. He starred in great films and has been named as one of the top actors of his age. In one of his movies, “The Tourist,” one scene showed Johnny Depp vaping.

Leonardo DicCaprio

“The Revenant” actor , who is also a film producer from Los Angeles has been spotted vaping many times. During the Golden Globe Awards in 2013, he was caught vaping.

Charlie Sheen

The 51-year old actor originally from New York City, is best known for his character in the TV hit “Two and a Half Men.” He does not only vape, but is reportedly one of the co-owners of NicoSheen e-cigarette company).

Robert Pattinson

The “Twilight” actor from London took the switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping in order to quit smoking.

Paris Hilton

The hotel heiress, entrepreneur, producer and fashion designer has been seen at various clubs vaping.

Lindsay Lohan

The former child star from the hit film “The Parent Trap,” is now a 30-year old venturing out into modeling, singing, song writing and more. She was once featured on “Extra” in 2011 while vaping.

Katherine Heigl

The 38-year old “Grey’s Anatomy” actor is also a film producer and a model. In one of the episodes of the evening show “David Lettermen” in 2010, she discussed the benefits of vape compared to the traditional cigarettes.

Kate Moss

The 43-year old successful supermodel born in London switched to vape to reduce her tobacco cigarette consumption.

Katy Perry

The “American Idol” judge made a big impact when her song “I kissed a girl” was released. The 32-year old singer was seen casually vaping around the town where she lives.

If you share with them the same reasons, then vaping may be the right shift for you. Should you need vape accessories, visit the nearest shop and check your options.

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