A Great Destination for the Airplane Watching Enthusiasts


IF YOU FANCY traveling somewhere to go airplane-watching at a secluded place inhabited with very few locals, a destination where you can also relax and take off your mind from all the stress at work, away from the bustling noise of the city, and at the same time, be able to go around the entire area in just less than half of the day, you might want to consider flying all over to Japan.

No, not in the eastern part of the country where the busiest cities lie at the heart of Tokyo. In fact, there is more than just the modern technology and animes the land of the rising sun has to offer.

Head over to a very small island in the southeastern part of Japan. Senaga Island, anyone? Bet you have never heard of this destination before.  

Senaga Island sits at the foot of the Naha International Airport, the only airport in the entire prefecture of Okinawa.

This very small island is a part of Tomigosuku City. It has a land circumference of only about 1.5 kilometers.  This allows you to travel the entire island for just a couple of hours.

One of the interesting sights on the island is the numerous kinds of aircraft — a combination of different commercial airlines and fighter jets from the Kadena US Air Base in the prefecture — just right overhead the scenic views as the small island sits in the direct path of airplanes landing and taking off from the airport.

Other than the deafening sounds of the aircraft, the island is surely a perfect all-year-round getaway as it also provides hot springs not found in other parts of the prefecture.

This place is definitely worth visiting, particularly for the airplane watching enthusiasts.

Just make sure to pack all the necessary items you need. You might not be able to get all you need on the island. If you are a vaper, make sure to pack with you enough E-Cig cartridges refills, a charger and extra batteries. Otherwise, you may not be able to get them anywhere on the island.  


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