Finding the Right Flavor For You


VAPING would not be as popular today if it were not for the e-cig liquid.

The e-cig liquid, often called vape juice, is the concoction you place inside the e-cig refill cartridges to produce the vapor. E-cig liquids have specific components that allow for a better, more enjoyable vaping experience.

One of the e-cigarette liquid’s components is the added flavoring. The thrill of having to try new flavors makes the entire experience even more exciting, and when it comes to its flavors, one of the most common questions you have probably encountered is: “should you stick to the traditional single flavored vape juice or should you try the blended vape juice?”

A lot of people say that sticking to single flavored vape juice is somewhat “boring” or sometimes, “monotonic,” which is absolutely not true! Single flavored vape juices can still give you that classic, delicious taste that a lot of people still prefer. These can come in chocolate, vanilla, coffee or just about any other classic flavor a vaper can choose from.

If, however, you are the curious and adventurous type, you can go for the ready-made blended flavors. What’s good about this? It is the combination of the best of different flavors it lets users experience. It gives you that unique, stimulating sensation that can further enhance your vaping experience.

In fact, you can even experiment on your own! By combining two different vape juices, you might end up with a better tasting vapor. You can try mixing the fruity flavors with the candy-inspired flavors to give you that sweet, tropical taste. The number of concoctions you can make with different flavors is endless!

Bottom line: Just like any other food, the choice of whether something is delicious or not depends entirely on you. Don’t let stereotypes weigh you down, try it out for yourself and find the flavor that’s best for you.

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