The Most Expensive Vape Juice


IF YOU HAD 500 dollars, how would you spend it?

With this amount of money, you can either buy a brand new iPhone, spend the night in a nice hotel, perhaps, in Hongkong, or enjoy a lovely dinner in an authentic Italian restaurant, or even go to a Maroon 5 concert, twice!

But did you know for the same amount of money, you could try and experience one of the most expensive vape juices in the market today?

A few years ago, Vape Wild, one of the leading online stores for vape juices and vaping accessories for sale released this new flavor called PBBG. A vape juice they claimed to have been working on for years.

Now, this divine vape juice has been made available to the public, and if you do your research, most people who have tried the magical elixir had the same expression — amazement.

So what’s in this vape juice that makes it worth more than gold and platinum?

The secret, as you may have figured out, lies in its flavor, and that’s where it gets exciting. You see,  its not just one or two flavors but lots of it in a concoction.

Once you inhale the PBBG vapor, the very first thing you’d recognize is the menthol. That first inhale quickly gives you that cool sensation in your mouth, throat and even in your nose. What happens next is where the thrill comes in.

After the initial menthol explosion, you are transitioned from one flavor to another. Though it’s a bit different for everyone (flavor is quite subjective after all), there are a few similarities.

Some people say the first thing they taste is this certain vanilla, creamy flavor, or some sort of peanut buttery taste with a tad bit of beef jerky. The vape then finishes off with a citrus, orangey flavor.

The nicotine content is good enough to give off this nice, smooth throat feel.

It’s that punch of flavors and sensations that throws the vaper off guard, causing him to try again and again. It’s actually that need to experience the flavor again, which keeps the vaper hooked, and that is the secret behind the 500 bucks PGGB.

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