When All Else Has Turned Electronic


EVERYTHING HAS progressed from its traditional and manual attribute into electronic form. Inevitably, offices have already turned from papers to digital, from hard copies to soft, from bulky filing cabinets to small and compact hard drives, and even more so with soft drives like the cloud storage.

Banks have embraced the concept of cryptocurrency, a huge leap from the automated teller machines (ATM) and other online banking systems, making your money secured and even more accessible electronically, saving you the hassles of having to go to a bank for money deposit or withdrawal.

Educational institutions have also opened the online enrollment system for the students’ convenience and even provided distance learning to those who could not make their presence in a traditional classroom setting.

Film and photography have also moved from the conventional filmed photo processing in dark rooms to digital prints and high definition videos, thus, a huge saving for the underpaid video and photographers.  

Even cigarettes now are already available in electronic form, and what’s even better is the lesser risk it poses to the user’s health. The sleek and shiny bodied e-cigarettes have slowly replaced the traditional tobacco cigarette as the former slowly captured the fancy of smokers and non-smokers alike. These electronic cigarettes work with e-cig cartridges refill, saving you the hassles of having to buy a whole new box of cigars when you run out of stock. What makes this even enticing to users is the absence of harmful chemicals present in tobacco, reducing (if not entirely, eradicate) the risk of liver-related (among other health) problems. Aside from that, its unlimited vaping flavors provide a unique vaping experience to its user. With its promising reputation in the market, what further development should we expect in the future of e smoking, especially when all else has turned electronic?

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