E Cigs on Animals: Yey or Ney?

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WHILE MANY e-cigarette users are convinced on the uncritical effects of vaping on their health and the environment, many non-smokers are skeptic about its impact on animals and criticize those who, according to them, are crazy enough to let their pets smoke these electronic sticks with their masters.

These contradicting reactions have spurred from various researched and studies that are also conflicting in results. In fact, according to a recent scientific survey in an online vaping webpage, the Vaping 360 – The Home of Vaping, there is barely any evidence proving that vaping indoors does not worsen the quality of the air.

According to an e-vaping advocate, on a study, he noticed that after e-cigarette smoking, there is almost zero toxins and nicotine in the air. “While there is still no long-term study on vaping, I believe that exposure to vape in the air is not a health threat to animals or people. I have not seen any study that gives evidence to cause me concern,” Robert Perry, also an independent e-cig liquid manufacturer in Alberta, Canada, said in an online statement.

Moreover, these almost non-existing chemicals in vaping last only a couple of minutes, whereas in traditional smoking, the smoke lasts for a couple of hours, hence, a threat to the others in the same area, Perry added.

Another independent e-cig liquid manufacturer from Australia, Steve Tobias, said, “I vape around my 8-year-old son and have done so since I started vaping some years ago.” He said he continues vaping with his son nearby because he knows his little one is not in grave health threat. “So basically your beloved dog would not be in any danger either,” Tobias added.

On the contrary, a different research also said that vaping has no serious threat to secondhand non-vapers. Vaping Daily – The Voice of Vaping, another vaping webpage, said, using e-cigarettes around your pets can put these animals in danger of illness and vapor allergies, battery explosion injuries and nicotine poisoning.

While each animal reacts to vaping differently, you, as the pet master knows your pet better than anyone else, so whether e-cigs smoking is a yey or a ney to your beloved pet, it’s up to you to decide.

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