E-Cigarette Practices: 5 Things You Should Not Believe About Them

What stories have you heard about vaping and disposable e-cigarette? Growing up, your parents may have reminded you to check on things and not just believe what you are hearing. This same principle is applicable to the things people say about vaping. Top summarize, here is a list of the top myths about e-cigarettes and vaping:

Nicotine is a source of cancer.

This is the most common story you will hear from people around you. Nicotine is one of the ingredients for making traditional cigarettes as well as e-juices. The specific chemical is not directly causing cancer cells. It is only responsible for cigarette addiction as it has a component which makes people long for cigarettes. Tar and other chemicals used to produce cigarettes are the ones causing cancer. The bad thing about nicotine is it leads you to want cigarettes more.

Vaping causes popcorn lung.

The term “popcorn lung” was used to refer to the lung condition of employees working for a certain popcorn factory because their lungs took on weird forms after long and continuous exposure to high diacetyl levels. Today, many people assume that this will eventually happen to the lungs of vape lovers since diacetyl is one of the ingredients used in a few e-juices. The compound is harmful, but only when taken in huge amounts. Traditional cigarettes have higher amounts of diacetyl compound compared to those found in e-juices. TPD regulations, on the other hand, stipulated the elimination of diacetyl in e-juices. There is now a standard, which needs to be met by e-juice makers.

Vape tanks and e-cigs explode quite often.

All electronic gadgets including e-cigarettes may catch fire and explode. However, records show that this rarely happen and the accident is mainly due to human error or the user’s doing. Consider other gadgets with lithium-ion batteries; there is a possibility that it could explode depending on the situation and how it was handled. As long as you are purchasing good quality products from legit shops, then there is no reason to worry about it. If you are vaping, just make sure to avoid tinkering batteries for safety reasons. It is also important to use the device properly.

E-Juices have anti-freeze contents.

Some people use this statement to warn other people from using electronic cigarettes. While it is true that e-juices have this anti-freeze chemical which is propylene glycol, it is only used in anti-freeze only for safety reason in case someone swallows it. The presence of this chemical makes the anti-freeze less harmful; the same chemical present in some food and drinks in the market.

It produces formaldehyde.

One study found in New England Journal of Medicine talks about the effects of taking dry hits continuously. Although it can lead to taking in formaldehyde, it is not in harmful quantity. No person will ever hit his vape continuously if he is getting a single dry hit.

If you are planning to take the big switch or just plainly interested about the nature of vaping and how to use disposable e-cigarette, you can check the nearest shop to get your questions answered.

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