E-Cigarette Atomizers, Cartomizers, and Clearomizers: Which is Better?

If you’ve been trying to quit smoking for a long time now, e-cigarette smoking is perhaps something you’ve already tried. As a beginner, you might find that more than confusing, switching to e-cigs can also be intimidating because it involves technical terms and properties. Aside from the various parts that one has to understand such as the batteries, the strength of e-juice and the different flavors, you’ll also have to check and make a choice between using atomizers, cartomizers, and clearomizers. Primarily, they all just have one function and that is to atomize e-liquid or e-juice in order to create vapor. All three of them have at least two posts inside which are the positive and the negative. A coil wrapped around a wick is then connected to these two posts so that when e-liquid is applied, the wick absorbs and holds it for heating later. When heat is then applied, it is the coil that heats up to create vapor.

What makes them different from each other then? Or are they all just the same? Let’s continue reading on and find out!

Atomizers – Atomizers are one of the original parts and are thought to be the mother of the two others. They have a smaller capacity than the others and are said to be best for people who prefer dripping. The design is as mentioned earlier where they have a heating coil on the bottom with metal mesh on top. Most atomizers also utilize a silica wick instead of metal mesh but as long as they’re made of a heat-resistant material, they can be used. Vapers like the simplicity in atomizers because they allow switching between different flavors of e-juices quickly. As it is very simple, it is also very low cost and easy to refill.

Cartomizers – Generally, cartomizers have a very similar design to atomizers. Cartomizers on the other hand have what is called polyfill, wrapped around a heating coil. It is the polyfill that gets to soak in e-juice so much that it is able to provide longer vape time over a simple atomizer. Although it is also cheap and easy to refill, vapers don’t likethat they retain flavor from the previous e-juice used. Again, this is because they are able to hold so much of the juice thus making it difficult to clean and get rid of.

Clearomizers – Last but not the least would be the Clearmizers. They are last for they are also the latest and newest on the market. These are usually cylindrical in shape and features a clear polycarbonate plastic or pyrex glass tank. This feature allows user to see the level of e-juice left inside of a clearomizer. The E-juice, as usual is delivered to the heating coil by ways of a silica wick but most of them have too long wicks, while others have bottom placed heating coil with short wicks allowing for easier wick saturation. As they can hold so much more juice, this is best for heavy vapers. Some even claim that clearomizers, in fact, deliver superior flavor.

Whatever you choose from the three, I hope it works. At the end of the day, whatever gets rid of the traditional cigars and their bad effects is a win!

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