E-Cig Starter Kits: How They Correct Alcoholism?

E-cigarettes have been popular for successfully aiding people to quit traditional tobacco smoking. However, there is so much more to this modern innovation than that; it has also been beneficial in preventing and correcting overeating and more recently, alcohol addiction.

How is alcohol addiction developed?

Alcohol is often consumed to relax, escape problems, or celebrate but becomes an issue when the habit becomes too often, getting in the way of regular activities.  To those who have been hooked-up to it, they wake up one day finding it extremely hard to limit it to a single glass. And this is where addiction begins.

There are several possible reasons why people become alcoholic. Genetic, for sure, plays a big role especially when there were alcoholics while growing up. However, character development through adolescents has its own impact too. Concrete scientific evidences have yet to prove the exact cause, but it has always been believed that the problem exists under the influence of several factors.

People who have developed the habit often realize along the way that when they are boozed up, they become this image of themselves that they do not like. And while they know that they either become aggressive or depressed or become a problem in the family, they still could not stop.

Generally, the first step to being sober is the admitting that drinking is a problem. To many, coming to senses is extremely hard and so is the process of quitting itself. More than anything else, it needs dedication and support.

How Psychology helps organize treatment plan?

Since the 1900s, Psychology has suggested that behavioral therapy could be the answer to correcting addiction, alcohol problems included. In fact, according to the Pavlov’s experiment with his dogs, behaviorism is what defined an individual’s complicated history; the same complex background that determines actions both current and future, is what makes their treatment plan unique. There is no universal treatment for alcoholism or any orally fixated behaviors for that matter, so treatment has to be case-to-case. Although, there are researches that suggest trading one harmful habit with less harmful ones.

How to break the bad habit?

Since alcoholism is considered a habit, a true and tried breaking method is replacement. Operant conditioning, as it is called, is  used to counter unhealthy behaviors through associating alcoholism with negative consequences. In turn, replace it with positive consequences. So, with oral stimulation, smokers can turn to lollipops, drinking water, chewing gums, and, vaping.

How vaping can help alcoholism?

The trick is training the mind and body to transfer all desires and cravings to another item or action. Vaping, for sure, is not a magical device that can in one instance help you. The real thing is that it requires a lot of hard work to overcome alcoholism, so much more than just switching over to e-cigarettes.

E-cig starter kits can satisfy restless mouths and this same idea is applied to alcoholism. It can play as a pleasant distraction from that urge to booze up once again. With not a single trace of nicotine, it can satisfy oral fixations right at the moment when it is still surfacing up. On top of satisfying the desire, it also produces relaxant effects that can help else the mind from worries.

If you are one of those that need help for alcoholism, the best thing is to get professional help.

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