E-Cig Starter Kit: Why Should You Choose Zero-Nicotine?

Nicotine is the substance present in cigarettes that produces the “craving” feeling for smokers. It is the main reason for the addiction to cigarette smoking. The availability of 0% nicotine content on e-liquid from any e-cig starter kit makes it easier for smokers to transition from tobacco cigarettes to vape.

Former smokers who have achieved full transition by gradually decreasing nicotine content on their vaporizers are now the largest market for 0% nicotine e-liquid. Another group of people who enjoys nicotine-free e-liquids are those who are vaping for social reasons but have never experienced smoking tobacco cigarette or any nicotine products before. In the last couple of years, local vape shops and lounges have increased creating a good social environment for vaping. There are vape users who are using vaporizers not because of habit but for the reason of socializing with other vapers. Socially, vaping is viewed as an avenue to make new friends and explore the vaping scene.

With nicotine-free liquids, people have come to enjoy the sensation of using vaporizers in different flavors without the dependency to substance nicotine. With flourishing local vape shops, you can take a journey through a world of different flavors using your vaporizer.

What are the benefits of 0% nicotine e-liquids?

Bolder Flavors

For others, vaping is all about enjoying adventurous flavors. One of the advantages of opting for 0% nicotine e-liquid is getting a stronger, bolder flavor. When vaping liquids have nicotine content, this dilutes the flavor to give way to the other ingredients.

As an example, an e-liquid with 1.5% nicotine will now have lesser space for the flavoring and other ingredients in a 100ml measure. If nicotine is removed from the e-liquid, naturally it provides more room to achieve a greater flavor.

Ingredients used in e-liquids are regulated by EUTPD, another reason why makers of e-liquid prefer to remove nicotine to be able to use the necessary amount of flavoring without breaking regulations. This is their way of achieving a strong flavor while following regulations. Nicotine on e-liquids only means that the flavoring content will have to be managed to stay compliant.

Greater Cloud

The ratio of ingredients which can be used on e-liquids is regulated and that compliance is vital. Vaping with big clouds give additional pleasure to the experience and that the  ingredient responsible for clouds is vegetable glycerin. If nicotine is removed from the liquid, the mixture may now have room for higher concentration for the cloud-producing ingredient. Most e-liquids with 0% nicotine content produces bigger clouds.

Smoother Experience

Most of the vapers who switched from using nicotine-containing e-liquid to 0% nicotine options claim that they are enjoying a smoother experience. It can be attributed to stronger flavors or bigger clouds which makes vaping more enjoyable. If you want to switch to 0% nicotine e-liquids but are having a challenge with the process, buy e-cig starter kit online. Just gradually decrease the percentage of nicotine content on your e-liquids.

When electronic cigarettes were introduced, it was believed that people who opted for the change will still after their nicotine fix, but without the other harmful ingredients from tobacco cigarettes. E-liquid is taking this to another level. Since there are different percentage of nicotine content to choose from in varying flavors, smokers now have the option to choose the best E-cig starter kit online to suit their needs and taste.

Now that e-liquid introduced another way of enjoying the experience without the addictive substance nicotine, a lot of vapers are now doing the switch. One of the reasons for the switch is the fact that vaping with 0% nicotine e-liquids creates an intensively relaxing feeling.

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