The Downside of E-Cig Smoking and Vaping Accessories

WHILE vaping is a cool and much safer alternative for cigarette smoking — minus all those cancer-causing chemicals, to name a few — it also comes with its own downside, and it is, but just the size of a soybean or pea. We have listed four of its disadvantages.


  1. E-cigs are battery-operated, and thus, need to be recharged every time it runs out of power. And with this, comes the need to be constantly on the check for its power supply, otherwise, you might find yourself suddenly out of vapor in the middle of a session.   


  1. Your E-cigarette — particularly the rechargeable one — is composed of various parts: the mouthpiece, microprocessor, cartridge (tank), heating element/atomizer, a battery, and for some, an LED light on its end. These parts may be made from metals or other hard components, making the small vaping gadget a bit heavier than the traditional cigarette.


  1. Since e-cigarettes are battery operated, they also come with several other e cig accessories aside from its body and battery. You have the battery charger, of course, and when you travel in your car most of the time, you would surely need USB charging cable. Hence, for those who are always on mobile would need to carry all their vaping accessories.


  1. With all the necessary accessories for your e-cigarette, shelling out an extra amount for these add-on gadgets is inevitable. And when you find yourself with a broken or damaged battery pack or a charger, you’d surely end up having to buy another one.  


On the other hand, cigarette smoking is convenient to use as it doesn’t need a battery and does not come with necessary accessories aside from a lighter. However, with ever stick you use, there is a huge price to pay — your health. So, would you risk your life for that pea-size downside of an e-cigarette?



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