How To Discover E-Cig Flavors?

E-cigarettes, the trending cigarette use, comes in various flavors and you have probably marked your favorite one already. With the fun part of using e-cigarette comes a difficult process to begin with- choosing the best e-cigarette liquid. Most users wouldn’t want to risk buying a flavor due to its unfamiliarity because let’s face it, e-liquid costs a fortune much more if it is unused.

Explained below are the few tips and tricks you can use to aid you in picking an e-liquid that will best suit your preferences.

Given that each person has a unique taste and with a wide variety of e-liquid available in the market, you can first narrow down your choices of e-liquid by listing the flavors that you like best. People who switched from traditional cigarettes and are now using e-cigarette prefer the rich and original tobacco taste.  Others can’t possibly decide on whether to choose fruity or even consider sweet flavors.

However, if you’re the curious type, you can utilize the flavors to mix and concoct your personalized flavor. If you are the type to go for big and curling vapor clouds, e-liquids that contain a higher content of vegetable glycerine will for sure provide you with bigger vapor.

Like the saying “you’ll get what you paid for,” the same goes with e-liquids.  It is not created or produced with the same process or same quality ingredients. E-liquid vendors provide information about the ingredients about their products. Cheaper e-liquids tend to give less satisfaction compared to expensive ones. If you are to choose a liquid, it is better to buy quality ones that although may cost a bit more, assures you nothing but excellence.

In terms of nicotine content, vapor liquid comes in three different variances.

  1.       0%
  2.       0.8%
  3.       1.6%

The key in choosing vapor liquid that’ll suit you based on its nicotine level is to determine whether you’re going for the flavor that has a higher content level or not. After all, the flavor that you would use should also be packed with your preferred taste to maximize your e-cigarette experience.

If you are having a hard time of still choosing a preferred vapor liquid, maybe it’s time to submit yourself for some Do-it-Yourself mixing. The good thing about this kind of experimentation is the fact that numerous vendors offer a wide selection of samples which you can utilize for your own mixing. You can choose 5-10 flavors that you most enjoy based on the factors listed above and narrow it down as you go along.

For example, new vapers or e-cigarette users who just switched from enjoying menthol cigarettes might prefer a combination of tobacco flavored liquid with a dash of mint just because they are used to it. In doing your own experiment to search for your signature flavor, you don’t need to be afraid. In fact, you might be surprised on what kind of flavor you’ll concoct.

Before wrapping this up, you’ll also have to keep in mind the amount of e-liquid you’ll need. For a person who vapes for an utmost 24 hours in a day, you’ll have to stack at least 2 bottles of e_cig cartridges refill so that you wouldn’t run low.

In choosing your own signature flavor of e-liquid, you’ll have to consider the quality of the ingredients used. No, it neither has to cost you a great fortune nor should it be the cheapest one in the market. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment for as long as you discover your own personalized flavor.

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