Dealing with Nicotine Withdrawal the Easier Way with Nicmaxx’s e-Cig

QUITTING is easier planned than executed.

This is the most common dilemma every tobacco user — most especially, chain smoker — had to face every time one would start plotting his personal health resolution and decide on giving up cigarette smoking once and for all.

When planning is neglected, embarking on such a health goal without any safe yet disciplined fallback, the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal would surely get the best out of you. If you could only skip this physically, mentally and psychologically torturous phase, going cigarette-free would be as easy as a pie and any cigarette-dependent folk could just stop smoking with a flick of the finger. However, it simply is not the case.

In the first few weeks — sometimes, even months — after smoking-cessation began, the unpleasant sensation seems undeniable and unbearable, making you feel depressed and crave for nicotine intensely. That is not all, you would feel a tingling sensation in your feet and hands, experience headache, heavy sweating, coughing and develop a sore throat.

On top of those, one of the worst feelings you are faced with during this transition is the intense desire to light another stick, with the extreme cases causing some to develop tremendous body-shaking.

Under these torturous symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, you do not necessarily have to be too tough on yourself as the process is already terrible in itself. You may always fulfill your cravings for nicotine under, of course, a safe alternative. This is when e-cigarettes come in handy!

In fact, several e-cigarette companies now provide a huge array of products that provide the same sensation and feeling brought about by the traditional cigarette smoking minus the dangers it can cause to your overall well-being.

For instance, the Maxx Menthol Starter Kit, one of Nicmaxx’ line of starter products that you can buy online creates a familiar and satisfying taste of their favorite traditional cigarette brands. The maximum taste of menthol provides a cooling and soothing effect to the user making this flavor popular among first time e-cigarette users, hence it is the best E-Cig Starter Kit Online.

Nicotine withdrawal is already a terrible phase to go through. Thus, consoling yourself with the E-cig starter kit will make the transition lighter, creating a much bearable experience for you.  


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