Cheap Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit for Newbies

So you’ve been smoking tobacco for years, and you want to switch to e-cigs. Good for you! As this is a lifestyle change and wouldn’t be easy, I hope you’re mentally and physically ready. And if you are, then all you need is a cheap electronic cigarette starter kit to start your adventure with! Since you are new to e-cigarette smoking, this article will help you out with, perhaps, the biggest question you have at the moment: Where do I begin? Most veterans would tell you that the best way to start is to do so with the right tools.

Here are the different types of e-cigarettes you can look for in the market:

  • disposable e-cigarettes
  • rechargeable e-cigarettes
  • pen-style rechargeable e-cigarettes or “vape pens”
  • tank-style rechargeable e-cigarettes
  • e-cigars
  • e-pipes
  • e-hookah

Depending on the type of e-cig you’ll use, you’ll be needing a couple things such as:

  • E-cig pen or mod (device itself)
  • E-liquid
  • Clearomizer (tank for the e-juice)
  • Drip tip
  • Charger
  • Battery

    It may seem like its starting to get a little complicated for you now because most of the terms you’re encountering are new. Nonetheless, do not let this stop you from pushing through! Most companies understand how all this information can be overwhelming and intimidating to newbies. That’s why they’ve come up with the idea of putting all of these in one box and later calling them “Starter Kits.” As beginner, starter kits are perfect you because the box already has everything you’ll be needing, priced at a discount. Getting each of the products individually and separately would cost you quite a heap as opposed to having them bundled. There is even an instruction and user manual included in all starter kits, so a beginner can be sure there isn’t anything missing to complete the vaping experience.

Here are a few samples of great e-cig starter kits you might wish to try out:

  1. BLU PLUS+ Xpress E-Cigarette Starter Kit | $14.99

comes with:    1 Classic Tobacco blu Tanks™

    1 USB cord

    1 Rechargeable battery

  1. MAXX Menthol Starter Kit by NICMAXX| $19.95

includes:    2 prefilled cartridges

    1 Rechargeable battery

    1 USB cable

  1. JUUL Battery | $34.95

comes with:    1  rechargeable JUUL V3 device

    1 Magnetic USB charger

    1-year device warranty

  1. Apollo Ohm Go E-Cigarette Kit | 49.95

in the box:    1 OHM 1900 mAh Battery

    1 Portal (3ml) Sub-Ohm Tank

    1 0.5 ohm coil head (pre-installed)

    1 1.0 ohm coil head

    1 Micro-USB Charging Cable

    1 User Manual

    1 Boulder E-liquid

As you can see, and contrary to popular belief, e-cigs and starter kits do not have to be expensive. The price in the market today ranges only from as low as $14.95 to a little over a hundred dollars , already for the high-end ones. Keep reading on blogs and reviews to find the perfect starter kit that will suit your needs. Enjoy vaping!




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