Answering the Question: Are e-Cigarettes/e-Vapor Products Safe?

This is definitely the most asked about aspect of this market-are your products safe. We will make this definitive by speaking only about NICMAXX products. Yes, NICMAXX products are safe. We can make this definitive statement as we have been on the e-Vapor market since its inception as a founding e-Vapor firm in 2007. Since that time we have sold hundreds of thousands of units, millions of replacement cartridges and have only received from our clients thank you’s and other laudatory statements as to how valuable our products have been to them. Life changing it is said frequently about NICMAXX products. Now to be precise and very clear, we are not saying that our products are safer “THAN” anything as by making mitigating claims as such, you need peer reviewed science. We are only stating that, yes, NICMAXX products are safe to use and are vastly less harmful than tobacco products.

Since our founding we chose not to be the cheapest brand on the market but focus on producing the highest quality product in a manufacturing environment that from start to finish is over seen by engineers, a contracted FDA registered laboratory and technicians that fill our products with only the highest quality, more expensive pharmaceutical grade ingredients. We chose this path as we were convinced that this market would have massive scrutiny and as it is invading a centuries old product, tobacco cigarettes, we must do everything above and beyond reproach. And since 2007, we have.

In 2008 when that scrutiny was beginning there was no industry agency to represent to legislative bodies or to the media the facts and experiences of our firm and our clients. We at that time reached out to a few other founding brands and formed what then was the “Electronic Cigarette Association” which has evolved into the industry standard and internationally known Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association ( The TVECA brought the litigation with the FDA that led to e-Vapor products to be regulated as tobacco products. If this litigation was not brought, there would be no e-Vapor market today in the U.S. as the FDA’s position was in 2009, that e-Vapor products are drug devices and seized e-Vapor companies products until those firms could show that they had done the proper testing as you would with bringing any new drug device to market-a process that would have taken years and millions of dollars for any single firm to complete.

We hope this answers your question about our products safety as when you are looking to transition to an e-Vapor product we hope you choose NICMAXX products as we are all dedicated to produce only the highest quality product for one single niche client-the full flavored smoker who just happens to make up half the domestic tobacco cigarette market.

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