The Anatomy of a Rechargeable E-cigarette

Both newbies and experts alike still get confused or are simply clueless as to the essential parts of their rechargeable e-cigarette. This is because unlike vapes, most rechargeable e-cigarettes are disposable and are merely replaced the moment its juice or flavor runs out. Thus, there is no need to figure out what the parts do or how to disassemble the whole thing and put them back again together since all one would have to do is to replace the entire thing simply. Even those that are refillable only provide refillable cartridges that can easily be screwed on to the main device. Again, with this type, there is no need to dismantle the whole thing just to refill.

However, many would agree that it is important to know and understand the anatomy of a rechargeable e-cigarette primarily because we use it. This way, we will know exactly how it works and would also have an idea as to how to properly maintain and care for the device

A typical rechargeable e-cigarette has three main parts:

  1. The rechargeable lithium battery
  2. The vaporization chamber
  3. The cartridge

    The rechargeable lithium battery is arguably the most significant part of the device simply because it is responsible for powering and activating the entire device. It is also the source of energy to charge the atomizer that is inside the cartridge. These batteries are known to hold power for a long period of time and can be charged in a similar way as to how we charge cell phone batteries. The typical life of said batteries can last approximately 300 charges.

    On the other hand, the vaporizing chamber, also known as the atomizer, is responsible for converting the liquid nicotine that is in the cartridge, into gas or vapor. This vapor is then inhaled by the user, and upon exhalation, it will meet with the moisture in the air, allowing it to condense and produce a thick white visible fog. Typically, there is an attached LED indicator light to one end of the battery that lights up and becomes active when the user inhales.

    The last part of the device is perhaps the most favorite of all: The refill cartridge. This is everyone’s favorite since it is this part that provides the flavor, furthering the excitement and magic when smoking an e-cigarette. There are generally two major types of nicotine cartridges, but as mentioned earlier, the most usual and basic are the disposable cartomizers. They are already prefilled with e-liquid so that once used up, it is simply thrown away and replaced. The other type of cartridge contains a refillable tank that allows e-liquid to drip into a refillable cartomizer. Consumers may buy cartridges with different amounts of nicotine, or without nicotine at all. It is also very typical for manufacturers to add unique flavors to the liquid such as mint, coffee, apple, cherry, chocolate, and bubble gum.

    These three are the most basic and important parts of a rechargeable e-cigarette. However, there are other more expensive devices that have additional components of like an LED screen and other “techy” features.

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