7 Cosmic Fog Vapors: New Flavors To Surprise Everyone

The Cosmic Fog Vapors is a California-based company that makes premium E-cigs liquid that has
become very popular not only in the US but also in the UK and Canada. It is a name that usually comes first when talking about e-liquids that keep everyone coming for more.

The company has been serving e juice for a long time, with juices like Cola Gummy as well as Milk and Honey. Ever since it took off, the e-cigs liquid has continued to capture the attention of a lot of people until now, earning so many positive feedbacks.

The increasing popularity of Cosmic Fog can be attributed to the company’s effort to perfect all the flavors that they offer. In fact, their juice makers collaborate only with people with an exceptional culinary experience. Hailed as among the best this year, Cosmic Fog brings premium e-cigs liquid in a variety of flavors.

Cosmic Fog Flavors

The Cosmic Fog collection of e-cigs liquid comes in 0-12mg of nicotine and a 70/30 VG/PG blend. Offered in 30 and 60ml bottles, the e liquids are huge on clouds and offer a smooth taste that will keep you vaping day and night.

Milk and Honey Flavored E-Liquid

True to its name, this e-liquid brings you the feeling of being in the land of honey and milk. The combination of milk and the naturally sweet honey with marshmallows makes a sweet, light and creamy vaping experience that is strangely addicting.

Sonset E-Liquid Flavor

With Sonset E-liquid, Cosmic Fog mixed Japanese Nashi pearls with salted caramel and a French Creme brulee. This flavor offers a sweet, bright, and savory taste, which makes it truly distinct from others       

Sonrise E-Liquid Flavor

This variant is a tropic mix of different delectable fruits such as pineapple, passion fruit, and kiwi. Having a hit like a mixed fruit drink will make you feel like being on a beach. In fact, the sweet taste of the e juice is enough to keep you satisfied, yet not strong enough to allow you to vape all day.

Cosmic Fog Vapor Platinum Collection

These e-liquids are the most recent releases from Cosmic Fog, which are available in 60mg bottles, 70/30 VG/PG blends, and come with 0-6mg of nicotine.

Tropic Splash E-Liquid Flavor

While this is another fruit drink in taste, it is definitely one-of-a-kind. With the blended flavors of passion fruit, oranges, pineapples, and some other hidden island-inspired flavors, this variant brings a surprising combination that offers a fruity summer juice taste.

Sour Melon E-Liquid Flavor

This one offers a ripe watermelon candy taste that can be loved by anyone who likes the combination of sour and sweet. With a nice balance of its sweetness and sour taste, the variant is another great all-day-vape option.

Berry Trio E-Liquid

Unlike the ordinary strawberry flavors, Berry Trio is a mixture of golden, red, and white with some huckleberry juice.

According to the company website, Cosmic Fog spends 7 to 10 months on every flavor, their experience in research and the culinary world to create each blend into a different user experience.

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