4 Secrets To E-Cigatette Battery Safety?

E-cigarette batteriesElectronic cigarettes may seem a lot safer than actual cigarettes, but like any other electronic devices, they are not exempted from explosion risks. E-cigarettes produce that heat which you feel right when you are using it. Since that heat is caused by electricity, it could result to fire.

That is why when you buy electronic cigarettes, you get manuals with them that indicate precautionary measures regarding this. You probably did not bother going through them, so here are the four important things you could practice to enjoy your vaping experience safely:

Choose the right battery for your e-cigarettes.

Many vapers underestimate the importance of picking the right batteries for their e-cigarettes. Most of them think that as long as it works with the device, it is probably good. For safety reasons, this should never be the principle. When selecting the right battery for your device, you have to know about these three important information:

  • Milliamp-hours
  • What an ICR or IMR battery is
  • Battery ratings

Milliamp-hours and ICR/IMR batteries are not common knowledge. However, there are internet and vape shops, which you could consult with for inquiries about these matters.

Use a high-quality charger.

It is important to use a good charger for devices like e-cigarettes that use lithium-ion batteries because it is very sensitive. Instances like improper charging can damage the battery significantly and invest in a smart charger will definitely avoid problems in that area. It could cost you quite more than you would like but you will never have to deal with a more expensive accident from a poorly charged e-cigarette.

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to e-cigarette chargers is that you just do not switch from one to another. The device uses a type of charger that is used by many other common devices. That is why most people tend to use Android phone chargers, for instance, to charge their e-cigarettes. Doing that is very dangerous. Not all other chargers that fit the charging port of the e-cigarette is necessarily compatible with what the device’s battery could handle. This is a big explosion risk you really want to avoid.

Do not charge your e-cigarettes overnight.

This is a habit of many smartphone users and most vapers have applied this practice to e-cigarettes.  It has been obvious how e-cigarettes are more hazardous when it comes to these matters, which is why you cannot get away with overnight charging without safety risks. You do not want to set your house on fire, do you? Charging of e-cigarettes must be monitored at all times.

Be mindful of where you place your batteries.

Keep in mind that batteries are very sensitive to temperature. Extreme temperatures, both hot or cold, are not good for your e-cigarettes’ batteries. You have to store them in a place that is neither too warm or too cold. You should also put them in a proper battery container; do not just put them in any case. That means you cannot just let them hang loosely in a bag with other metals, for instance. Improper storage could cause circuit issues and even trigger fire or explosion.

E-cigarette batteries are just like any other devices’ batteries, they are sensitive and potentially hazardous. What makes vape devices’ battery issues more fragile though are their special mechanism and use. They greatly trigger explosions. Not all commonly used electronic devices have that close risk for danger.

Just take into consideration all the precautionary measures above and make sure you practice them. Otherwise, even if you will not exactly get the worst case scenario, you might deal with a lot of malfunctions, which remedies are pricey.

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