3 Reasons Why Nicmaxx Extended Life Black Battery is the ultimate power factory for your E-cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are among the best alternatives used to help around 1 billion people worldwide control their smoking habits until the time where they will completely give up this type of vice that could trigger different types of severe diseases in the long run. 

From the time the first non-tobacco device made with flavored moist air that replaced tobacco and paper was invented and patented under the name of Herbert A. Gilbert Pennsylvania in 1967 until Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik introduced the first commercial batch of modern e-cigarettes inspired by the death of his father to lung cancer which he claims as the “much cleaner and safer way to inhale nicotine” in 2004, these modern-day liquid-based tobacco-free smoking devices were further developed to be more technologically advanced and efficient encourage some more hardcore smokers to switch their approach from the traditional one.

 Nicmaxx is one of the most trusted e-cigarette providers that offer high-quality smoking alternatives worldwide. The brand is best known for its products that are, as described by consumers as “close to real smoking experience compared to others”.

 Because of its good reputation in the market, many traditional smokers shifted to use Nicmaxx e-cigarettes and consumers keep on coming back for more. Another advantage of the company is that they sell their products in the online platform to provide an easier and hassle-free service to their clients.

 Aside from its reliable and excellent e-cigarettes, cartridge refills, vapor juices, and apparels Nicmaxx also sells batteries that will make one’s e-smoking experience longer. One of its latest offerings is the Extended Life Black Battery that could last for one whole day.

 If you are the kind of person who is always on the go or not a fan of charging your e-cigarette from time to time here are the reasons why you should go grab your phone or click on your computer to purchase Nicmaxx Extended Life Black Battery: 

  1. Nicmaxx Extended Life Black Battery is your ultimate budget-friendly power factory.

The battery pack is made of advanced lithium technology to ensure that the consumer experience will last up to 24 hours in one time charging. With this, you no longer have to charge your Nicmaxx e-cigarette device multiple times a day because you now have a back-up that will last you until the next morning.

 Because of its reliable function, you can now bring the Nicmaxx Extended Life Black Battery whenever you decide to spend some time outdoors without worrying where to plug your device once it runs out of power. The device can be also bought in a budget-friendly price ranging from $ 10 (if on sale) up to $ 15 (normal price). 

  1. Nicmaxx Extended Life Black Battery comes with a lifetime warranty.

 Nicmaxx sets high standards before making their products available to the market to assure the best product experience to their consumers like you. To stick to this principle, the brand assures you that their Extended Life Black Battery comes with a lifetime warranty! 

  1. Nicmaxx Extended Life Black Battery is user-friendly.

You won’t have a hard time figuring out how to use the Nicmaxx Extended Life Black Battery because it is very to use. You only have to twist the device to separate the cartridge from your drained battery. Once the two parts are unattached, you can now connect your new battery to the other part. 

The VAPE NICMAXX so you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of your new battery.

You can buy electronic cigarettes, batteries, vapor juices, cartridge refills, and other apparels from Nicmaxx through their website (www.nicmaxxonline.com) and by downloading the Nicmaxx App on Google Play and the App Store.

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