Is it Bad to Vape at Low Wattage?

Vapes, just like any other electronic devices use a battery to operate—and knowing about the right wattage to use is a must.

Vapes nowadays are much more customizable compared to when it first came out in 2003. Now you can adjust the settings to your preferences to make your vaping experience more personal and fun. Different wattages on vapes can give a big change to your experience more than you think.

This article discusses the wattage on vapes and how it can affect your vaping experience.

What is Wattage?

Wattage is a unit of measure for electrical power. It shows the total amount of work done or the electricity consumption per unit time. It is computed by multiplying joules per coulomb by coulombs per second. It is the power produced or consumed per second. So much for the science stuff, this is usually seen when buying light bulbs. Watts indicated in a light bulb means that it operates with that wattage only. For example, a 50-watt bulb uses 50 joules per second. Using lower or higher than the indicated wattage may damage the bulb (1).

What Wattage do Vapes Use?

Now here is the fun part—wattage on vapes can be adjusted. You can change the setting of the vape to 50 watts, or even as low as 7 to 14 watts. This depends of course to your preferences. Whether you want the aerosol (the ‘smoke’ produced by a vape) thicker or cloudier, or you simply want to have a better taste of the E-juice Flavours, wattage has something to do with it. Change in the wattage is one of the features that makes your experience more personal and get you hooked to the electronic device (2).

What Wattage Should I Use?

As we have discussed a while ago, the wattage that you should set you vape into depends on your preferences. First of all, to know what your likes are, you have to be familiar with your vape. Know how your vape works, the settings, and everything. Once you are familiar with it, knowing your preferences will come second. The wattage to use also depends on what kind of juice you are into.

Higher wattage use means higher temperatures for the vaporizer. If you put the setting to a higher temperature, it will produce cloudier smoke. This also means that this will consume more E-Liquid flavors. This can be achieved by having your settings to 40-50 watts, or even higher. Some ‘vapers’ who are into doing tricks usually stay with 50 to 75 watts. At this rate, you will start to taste flavors from your juice you will not experience at lower wattages. Especially if you use dessert-like flavors. Since the smoke is thicker at a higher temperature, this also gives you a harder hit to the throat, if you prefer to have that experience. The only downfall of this is that it shortens the battery life of your vape since you use a higher wattage.

Setting your vape to a lower wattage is okay. You can still have a taste of the flavor of the juice, but not like the depth of flavors with a higher wattage. You can achieve a pretty decent vape experience at 10 watts. Of course, at this wattage, the smoke is thinner and it will not have that hard-hit feeling when you inhale it. Some find this unsatisfying as they usually opt to go higher. The idea is, you can still have that smoking experience even at a low wattage. Plus, this will prolong the battery life of your vape.

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