New To Vaping? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

VAPE NICMAXXIf you are new to the concept of vaping, everything can be confusing and overwhelming. Even the tools associated with it are not common. Coil, sub-ohm, tanks, mods clearomizers and juice all mean something different. 


Nobody wants something to be too complicated for them to use, especially if this is supposed to be for fun. Here are the things that you need to buy before you start vaping and how each of them works. 


How does vaping work?

Most people who want to vape for the first time are usually confused about the whole concept of vaping, and they ask the same question: how does vaping work? Vape is a device that has a tank that holds your e-liquid and the cotton wicks found inside of it absorbs the e-liquid. When the vape is activated, the coils in the clearomizer or tank are heated up, and the e-liquid evaporates, you then inhale the vapor. 

What is an electronic cigarette made of?

An electronic cigarette may seem complicated, but it is a simple system that changes your liquid into vapor. However, there are different kinds of electronic cigarettes to suit your needs and types of use. 

The atomizer has three different forms, the glassomizer, clearomizer and cartomizer. Each electronic cigarette is made up of the coils, the tank and the battery, which is also called the mod. 

You need to purchase all of these parts because they are essential to your vaping experience. The battery powers your e-cigarette; they can be replaceable or integrated into the device. The mod keeps the battery and charges the e-cigarette. 

There are a lot of liquids that you may want to try, which is why e-cig cartridges refill is very important. Cartridges refill will make sure that the liquids won’t get mixed up because it could leave a bad taste in your mouth. You can buy cig cartridges refill in any vape shop, you can also buy e-cigarette replacement cartridges online. 

The coils inside your device are wires that are made into a coil shape, it heats the liquid on the wicks, and it creates the vapor that you inhale. The tank of the e-cig is the part that holds the coil wick, and it heats the coil and the liquid. 

Now you may be wondering, what type of tank should you use? There are numerous types of vape tanks that you can choose from, but they all function the same way. They hold the liquid and feed it either by wick or cotton to the coil which heats the liquid to the point of vapor, which you then inhale and exhale. 

The type of tank that you need should be more about volume, but your overall budget and other factors can also be considered. It is best to ask questions if you are not sure about what tank to get. The most popular tanks are the glass sub-ohm vape tanks because of they last longer, and they are cheaper because you do not need to replace the plastic tank. 

It is also important to remember that tanks and coils are connected, and they are the most important parts of your device. However, just like tanks, coils have a lot of variations too. The coils will eventually wear down over time, and they need to be replaced. Some vapers who are more experienced prefer to use coils that are rebuildable that they make themselves while some prefer buying new coils and change them out when needed. Coils also come in different types, from stainless steel to ceramic. 

Once you notice that the amount and the taste of the vapor are not as rich anymore, then it is time to change your coils. Depending on the kind of atomizer that you have, changing the coil is easy. All you need to do is to remove the base of your atomizer, take out the coil and screw a new one. 

Some atomizers have the coils located at the top part of the device, but they are the rare kind. Regardless of where it is located in your device, it is best to be aware of where your coil is and how to change it, so you can do it yourself when needed. 

These are all the parts that you need to purchase if you are new to vaping. Most of the parts come in different types, especially the liquid, which comes in hundreds of flavors. Choose the ones that will suit your needs. 

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