What are Vaping Bars: The Hot Spot Where Cloud Chasers Meet

Vapers would always want to find a place where they could sit down, relax and enjoy a puff of their favorite e-cigs. With the growing popularity of vaping among the Americans, several vape bars have sprouted in parts of the country in the last few years.

Vape bars, also known as vape shops, are retail outlets that specialize in the sales of electronic cigarette products. These shops provide a variety of product displays mostly coming from conventional retailers and serve as an option to online distributors.

As an added service, trained vape bar employees dilute e-liquid according to their customers preference. They do this by adding caramel, menthol, coffee, and even cherry flavors into the liquid nicotine. There are also some vape bars that host concerts or organize games for the entertainment of their patrons.

The Growing Popularity of Vape Bars

Vape shops do not have to be wide and spacious. The ideal size of a bar is 1,200 to 1,500 square feet.

Each vape shop varies in design and product selection to ensure customers’ satisfaction. There are also shops that are designed to look like bars and lounges where their patrons can sit down, have a drink and socialize.

Other vape shops allow “cloud-chasing” activity to recognize customers who are able to produce the largest vapor cloud. But, whatever is your preference, there will always be a bar nearby to cater to your needs.

Vape Bars in the US

This place of vapers provides a relaxing and comfortable vape experience to their patrons. Most shops offer more than a hundred different e-liquid flavors for the customers to choose from. Every shop is dedicated to providing high quality electronic devices, personal vaporizers as well as premium e-liquids.

There are also exotic and juicy e-liquids. Further, there are 100 % Vegetable Glycol based that offers fresh and delicious organic flavors for the health-conscious vapers. There are bars too that offers various choices in high-end pubs. They sell e-cigarettes and accessories and e-juices and at the same time serve softdrinks, beers and wines to their patrons.

In addition, some do have cable and satellite televisions and a “bored room” where patrons can play electronic darts, board games and cards among others. Through this way, the experience is widened as socialization with other vapers goes deeper and more enjoyable. This is the reason why many people who opt vaping would always want to go to vape bars in the country where this alternative smoking is allowed.

All bars stock a wide range of e-cigarette products. This is to cater to all the demands and needs of the potential patrons or customers. Vaping in this way can be great.

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