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9 Jul 2019

The Best NICMAXX Disposable E-Cigarettes Perfect for Newbies

Using electronic cigarettes have been one of the top smoking alternatives of smokers who want to leave their harmful habits behind. According to studies, e-cigarettes have a lower level of chemicals (including nicotine) compared to traditional cigarettes
13 Jun 2019

Standard Coils Vs. Pre-build Coils: Which Is The Better Option?

How many times have you been told that the money you pay should be the quality you are getting? You must have thought that this when you were out to buy electronic cigarettes. When you are new
21 Feb 2019

Every Female Vaper Loves The SheVapes Cheery Cartridge Pack

DIFFERENT PEOPLE vape for different reasons. Some — whether willingly or forced — vape to make the big switch from the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Some vape just to explore a new way of playing with vapor and