What is the Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

This is a very popular request from our new clients and new “e-Cig” consumers who approach us when we do our demonstration events. Smokers who hear about how e-Vapor products are helping smokers transition away from tobacco cigarettes then begin to research what product may be right for them.

Our answer to this may surprise you as it may not be a NICMAXX product.

The e-Cig market began in 2007 and at that time we had no idea whether this new technology had legs and would smokers even embrace the concept of delivering their desired nicotine through a now scientifically proven safe and harmless vapor. Well after eight years 6 million Americans are now enjoying e-Vapor products of all types. The industry has evolved (as all new technologies do that consumers embrace) to provide a wide array of products dedicated to all types of smokers. We noted early on that for the full flavored (Marlboro and Camel smokers as an example) our “high” and “full” flavored products were not at all satisfying. We sought back in 2010 to look at what the mission of NICMAXX was (then we were named inLife). We knew through our first years on the market that our internal research, garnered through hundreds of thousands of our clients and tens of thousands of customer service requests, was telling us that by simply having three levels of nicotine and a couple flavors we were not satisfying any specific tobacco cigarette consumer. We were in essence doing what all the other e-Cig companies at the time were doing-trying to sell lots of products to no one specifically.┬áIt hit us that this product we first brought to the American market was called an electronic cigarette and as such was telling a smoker that, “Hey! consider us! We are your beloved tobacco cigarette-only electronic!”

Well hardly. Our product lines flavor profile, throat and lung hit and nicotine delivery did not at all mimic any specific tobacco cigarette brand and were simply very comparable to all the other brands that were coming to market. We dedicated ourselves to making a product offering for one demographic at the time as we so believe in the products ability to provide to smokers their desired nicotine in a product that is incredibly less harmful than a tobacco cigarette.

So when you are looking to transition from your beloved tobacco cigarette brand to an electronic cigarette we recommend going to a local Tobacco/Smoke Shop or the new burgeoning Vape Shops that are popping up all over and sample the wide array of vapor products now available. There are many, many flavor types, nicotine levels and mechanical devices created now to provide for you the proper e-Liquid type and mechanical device to satisfy you fully.

We do hope that for you that desire a full flavored tobacco cigarette replacement you will consider NICMAXX e-Vapor Products as we have dedicated ourselves in providing a very reliable and convenient unit that delivers through our proprietary e-Liquid, what our clients tell us is a very satisfying product that they use daily and all day.

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