The Philosophy Behind MAXX Vapor e-Liquids

We have been creating e-Cig/e-Vapor products since 2007 and it is not until the last year that the market has really shaken itself out. The first to market brands raced to market with nascent technology that was designed not to satisfy smokers but rather gobble up market share. We were definitely one of these brands but we had the good fortune to go to market as a direct selling firm and as such had complete control over our inventories and all the issues that faced us and our competitors. We all had no idea about the now science of creating or rather, crafting e-Liquids. It was generally thought in ’07,’08 and ’09 that there were simply four levels of nicotine, 0, .8, 1.5 and 1.8 and two flavors; standard and a fuller flavor. In those years the e-Cig industry was touted to be one of the fastest growing markets in U.S. history and we would surpass cigarette sales in short steed. But something happened a couple years ago that changed the entirety of our markets. Entrepreneurs who saw the potential of e-Vapor products got busy and created a new channel, e-Liquids (and their corresponding mechanical technologies) which provided for the consumer a much more palatable vaping experience than was being provided by the first to market brands.

We started our firm as inLife and in 2011 changed our name to NICMAXX as we saw in 2009 that we best dedicate our collective futures to designing products for not every smoker, as to do so means we have created a product for NO particular smoker. We dedicated ourselves to develop a product that would satisfy a single smoker-the full-flavored Marlboro/Camel smoker. It took roughly a year to “dial in” the proper ingredients as by simply upping the levels of nicotine did not create an experience for these smokers that was truly satisfying.

This brings us to August 2015 and the launch of MAXX Vapor products. These e-Liquids are the direct result of 7 years of R&D. We have spent our years not in taking investors monies (as it was made available) but rather creating the necessary infrastructures here and with our supply partners to create a very consistent product that smokers can comfortably transition to and know that every puff will be providing what they are seeking; an experience that very closely resembles their beloved tobacco cigarette brand. We are very proud of the work we have done in creating MAXX Vapor products. These liquids are definitely NOT for every person who smokes but rather the Marlboro/Camel smoker who is seeking to move away from smoking tobacco cigarettes and looking to live a cleaner and much more healthy lifestyle.

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