The First-To-Market Brand Failures-Why NICMAXX Is Successful

In the most recent e-Cigarette/e-Vapor market update Wells Fargo reported of Nielsen Scan data the sales figures were, well, staggering. This data is an accrual of consumer purchase volumes of each leading individual electronic cigarette brand in the retail channels tracked by Nielsen. For example, nJoy’s sales for the reported four week period were down 40.2%, Altria’s Mark Ten down 53.1%, blu down 27.9% and Fin down and astounding 86.5%.

How to account for this staggering sales collapse? Well as this is our NICMAXX blog, I have an opinion as to why these first-to-market brand products have not caught the consumers imagination and it is really quite simple-they have not kept the promise, as NICMAXX has, of delivering to a smoker a tobacco cigarette experience close enough to completely satisfy and fully transition to. When you name a product an electronic version of your tobacco cigarette it best replicate exactly or very closely the experience smokers have with their beloved tobacco cigarette brand and none of the aforementioned brands even closely replicates any particular cigarette brand-thusly a collapse in their retail sales.

In 2010 we made the decision to move to a retail sales model. As such we knew that we have to greatly differentiate our brand from all the other ‘noise” in this space. We decided we best craft a brand that one particular consumer would find satisfying and spent the next year doing R&D to create this new product. Born was NICMAXX. It is the culmination of three years of work since 2007 in finding and creating the e-Liquid and battery technologies that made NICMAXX in 2010 a hit with one particular consumer-the Marlboro/Camel full flavored smoker.

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