The CDC FINALLY Gets That e-Vapor Saves Lives

Finally the CDC is on-board with what the e-Vapor industry has been claiming since our inception and that is e-Vapor products are a very viable option to the smoking of tobacco cigarettes. The CDC study ( ) found:

  • Current cigarette smokers and former smokers who quit smoking within the past year were more likely to use e-cigarettes than former smokers who quit smoking more than 1 year ago and those who had never smoked.
  • Among current cigarette smokers who had tried to quit smoking in the past year, more than one-half had ever tried an e-cigarette and 20.3% were current e-cigarette users.

As a caveat, we the industry never claim that we are a stop smoking device or protocol but you can see by these numbers that Americans are transitioning to e-Vapor from tobacco cigarettes-and that is a great thing!!

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