Some Thoughts on e-Cigs/e-Vapor Role as a Cessation Product

In a recent Yahoo news article titled “Task Force Recommendations Address E-Cigs — And Their Role In Quitting Smoking” author Jenna Birch   ( ) provides her thoughts on e-Cigs/e-Vapor products being-or in this case not being a stop smoking protocol. Birch quotes a national smoking prevention expert that states “The FDA has not found any e-cigarette is safe and effective to help smokers quit. We’re seeing a lot of dual use, smokers using e-cigarettes when they can’t use other tobacco products.”  This seems to be a dismissive statement about this industry’s products not having societal value-until you read further down in her article a statement from U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy who stated about e-Cigs potential If the data indeed bears that out (that indeed e-Cigs are helpful from a harm-reduction perspective), then I think we should absolutely embrace that and use e-cigarettes in targeted ways.

Recently Mitch Zeller, FDA Director of Tobacco Products stated about e-Vapor/e-Cigs, “If we could get all of those people  (who smoke) to completely switch all of their cigarettes to non-combustible cigarettes, it would be good for public health”.

Let me briefly sum up the undisputed science/facts of e-Cigs/e-Vapor products:

1) ALL constituents that comprise an e-Cig/e-Vapor product (Propylene glycol, glycerin, varying levels of nicotine, water and flavorings) are approved by the FDA/EPA for human dermal and inhalation use and have been on the domestic market for generations in comparison to the one product, tobacco cigarettes, we know kills over 450,000 Americans annually and contains over 6,000 chemicals, 66 of which are carcinogenic.

2) There have been over 40+ studies of e-Vapor products globally and IN NOT ONE study have there EVER been found any constituent at any level harmful to humans.

3) e-Vapor products have been on the global market since 2007 and in that time there has not been a SINGLE person harmed at any level after billions and billions of uses when they are used as intended-NOT A SINGLE PERSON.

The items and statements above should lead to any rational person who reads Jenna Birch’s article to indeed make the conclusion that e-Vapor products have an absolute place in a smokers option to tobacco cigarettes.

We just wish journalists would have the courage to report these science based facts and not mislead the public into thinking that there is ANY confusion about our industry’s vital mission.

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