MAXX Vapor Products Getting Solid Reviews

It has been a month since we have launched MAXX Vapor products and we are getting solid reviews. We have looked for a few years of entering this space but we wanted to wait to see how we would fit in with our core philosophy of singularly servicing the full-flavored tobacco cigarette smoker. When we attended the trade show, ECC a few months ago we were struck with how many entrepreneurs have entered this market, There were over 600 firms offering their e-Liquid products!! It was difficult to determine a firms core philosophy and who they were actually dedicated to selling their products to.

MAXX Vapor has simply taken the e-Liquids we have crafted and used in our NICMAXX MAXX and Menthol MAXX line that our clients love and state are the best on the market and made them now available in an e-Liquid. Getting solid reviews was not an accident. When we went into the retail channel in 2010 we desired to enter with a unique product that satisfied fully one smoker-the full-flavored Marlboro/Camel/Newport smoker. It took over a year of testing to create these products and have been top-sellers since in our retail locations. We were successful and now make this concept available in our MAXX Vapor e-Liquid products.

A important note about e-Liquids. When choosing an e-Liquid it is very important to do some background on the company you purchase your products from. Since our inception in 2007 all of our products are made in an FDA Registered laboratory and we only use pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

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