Just Back From Vapor Expo International

Just back from Vapor Expo International ( http://www.vaporworldexpo.com/ ) and have to say was one of the most enlightening experiences in my eight years of being part of this industry. I am absolutely amazed at how free markets operate as entrepreneurs of all type have created products that American consumers are embracing. The breadth and scope of advancements were amazing as companies of all sizes are developing products that are helping smokers transition away from tobacco cigarettes.

I had the chance to speak with a few lobbyists and others familiar with the on-going debate/discussions on how the industry will be eventually regulated. What I am hearing is that the FDA is struggling to define their role and eventually their processes of e-Vapor regulation. As you know it has always been our position that we are a 400+ year old product, tobacco cigarette, that we simply made more efficient. It is also our opinion that the FDA’s tact of “Substantial Equivalency” is absolutely untenable and if enacted as proposed would shut down the entire industry kicking 6 million ex-smokers back to the one product, tobacco cigarettes, we know are deadly.

Kudos to all the business men and women who were at the show demonstrating how if left alone, free market processes create while regulatory overreach destroys.

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