Happy New Year…The Year to Tell Our Clients Storys

2015 was again a very challenging time for an industry that simply is providing for smokers their first viable option to the smoking of tobacco cigarettes-the one product we know kills over 450,000 of our fellow citizens annually. We as a company do not make any mitigating claims of health, safety or of being a stop smoking device or protocol, but I would like to provide you with one story that encapsulates the work we as a company and an industry see/hear almost daily and never share with the public. We are very blessed to provide for clients a product that we can sincerely state is life-changing. Here is one such testament:

Dear Sir/Madame:

I just want to take a moment to sincerely thank NICMAXX for changing my life.

On January 5th, 2013, after waking up in a coughing frenzy that made my lungs hurt so badly, and made it hard to breath, I realized that if I didn’t quit smoking that instant, that dying of heart or lung disease was going to be imminent for me. It was that day that I went to the store and tried NICMAXX for the very first time.

After I smoked my first NICMAXX e-cig and couldn’t believe how smooth and rich it tasted. During this time of trial and error process, I tried other e-cigs and disposable e-cig products, but I did not like either the taste, or how quickly the cartridge ran out of smoke. NICMAXX, by far, was the only product that satisfied me. I was sold on the flavor, but I was also sold on the financial rewards of this new way of living. For a cost of approximately $15 per week for 5 cartridges, I am saving a little over $1,600 per year.

My health has improved dramatically, my skin doesn’t look frail, and I can actually walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded. I no longer like an ashtray, and most importantly, the benefit that I cherish the most is that my family is proud of me.

I am also very proud to tell people that I am a NICMAXX user and have even convinced my loved ones to use it also. I want to thank you all for creating a product that actually works and gives a person a profound sense of HOPE!

Thank you again for giving me the HOPE I needed.

Pamela B.     Ohio

There are literally millions of stories such as this. It is our hope that the media will begin to start to tell these stories of smokers who have embraced e-Vapor and are leading tremendously better lives. If you would like to contact Pamela for her personal story, please contact us at info@nicmaxx.com.

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