How do I know when my e-cigarette cartridge is empty?

Many vapers need to know how much is left on their cartridge. It gives drastic experience if not avoided. The worst part is that not all electronic cigarette devices have their indicators or have a transparent material to see whether it is nearing empty or not. Most of those who experience “dry hit” are the newbies, which is exceptionally awful. A dry hit is a hot and awl burnt sensation you get when you use an already out of e-liquid, which can only be prevented with knowledge when to refill cartridges.

How do I know if my cartridge is empty?

Are you a keen observer? Have you observed that refilling e-cig cartridge makes it way heavier than its usual weight when we’re already using it? Well, it should weigh heavier when it is just refilled, and there is a distinction because when you shake it, it creates a sound of assurance that there’s still enough down there. Those cartridge that is already nearing empty are, of course, lighter than its usual weight, and it does not produce the sound that makes you think that there’s still more left. Often, we do not notice this when it does not even require deep thinking to think about it. But because many of us are stressed and busy overwork, we do not see these simple things that might save us.

Many vapers also contested that when your cartridge is nearing empty, the cloud you produce is only half to what you usually make when there’s a lot more e-liquid. Try to notice when you are refilling e cig cartridge and have a hit, and you’ll see the full amount of clouds it produces that clouds can turn into the half when your cartridge is almost empty. 

The smell is also different when the cartridge is either empty or nearing to it. The usual scent you smell from your favorite flavor turns into a pungent burnt smell. This is because there’s no e-liquid at all to produce the familiar scent. 

How to refill e-cigarette cartridge?

There are different ways to refill cartridges like the drip method, but the community’s most common one is through the injection method. The injection method is the easiest for most vapers since it is easy to extract liquid from a bottle to another bottle without creating a mess when refilling e-cig cartridge

Having one cartridge can be a burden since most of us don’t only use one flavor. At Nicmaxx, they do offer a wide range of refill cartridges that provide different flavors. By purchasing a refill cartridge,s you’ll save time to refill manually every flavor you wanted, and most vapers in the community don’t only own one. It is rare for someone to have one since it is truly a hassle to use one and refill everything, unlike having more cartridge where you can pause a bit and change your cartridge and repeat. 

In reality, regardless if you are vaping for a decade or a day doesn’t matter because being part of any of the two requires you to check your device on time. Trust me, knowing the current situation in your cartridge would save you and your device.

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