Do You Know How To Choose the Best Vape Juice?

One of the most important elements in owning electronic cigarettes is to choose the right vape juice. With so many options and different kinds of flavour available in the market today, you should be very thorough in finding the best one for you. While it’s true that we all have our own tastes and nicotine preferences, keep in mind that the perfect e-cigs liquid is what you think you will enjoy the most. Read on to find out 4 essential factors that you should take into consideration to find the right vape juice that works for you.


If you have been to a vape shop before or had the chance to browse through the products page of an online store, you’ll know that there would be tons of different kinds of e-cigs liquid flavours, ready for your selection. There are sweet-flavoured vape juices and minty ones, which are the kinds most commonly preferred by the majority. Vape juice flavours can also range from nicotine-free tobacco blends to alcohol-inspired e-liquids, for those who are quitting real cigarettes or avoiding the consequences of hungover.

On the other hand, if you are looking for that “something different” experience, you can also find unique flavours such as pizza, cake, fruits and other food flavours that do not sound like commonNICMAXX anymore. Whatever you are looking for, we’re sure that you can find the right one from endless options available.

Checking the PG and VG content

The main base solutions for e-cigs liquids are the Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerol (VG) or a combination of both. Knowing their presence in the bottle of your vape juice is essential as they would define the quality of your vaping experience.

If your priority lies on the flavour enhancement of your e-cig liquid, PG might be the right option for you. Although it produces a weak vapour, it definitely makes up for its flavour. However, if you find yourself having negative reactions to the use of PG such as itchiness and difficulty in breathing, it’s best to switch to VG. This is also a good call if you are into “trick vaping” and seeking bigger vapour clouds. Take note that it somewhat weakens the flavour of your e-cigs liquid though.

If you want the best of both worlds, there are also e-cigs liquids that come with a combination of both main base solutions. You just have to be aware of their ratio in the mix, of course. It’s best to seek assistance from your vaping shop of choice.

Nicotine Level

Another essential in finding the best vape juice for you is its nicotine level. If you are slowly reducing your nicotine intake or completely quitting, you have to be fully aware of the levels of nicotine available for your preference. The nicotine level for e-cig liquids is measured in milligrams, where 6mg is the average for low content and 36mg is the highest amount available.

Taste Test

Ultimately, never buy an e-cig liquid without trying out a sample first. Taking several puffs before completing your purchase is what can help you make the final decision. Whatever your prospective options are, remember that the fun lies in trying them in search of the best flavour.

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