The Best NICMAXX Disposable E-Cigarettes Perfect for Newbies

Using electronic cigarettes have been one of the top smoking alternatives of smokers who want to leave their harmful habits behind. According to studies, e-cigarettes have a lower level of chemicals (including nicotine) compared to traditional cigarettes that emit over 7,000 chemicals including 70 substances that are proven to be cancerogenic. 

The term “electric” derived from the deVAPE NICMAXXvice’s name refers to the components that allow it to function. Compared to traditional cigarettes that only need to be lighters to burn the substance, e-cigarettes are powered by rechargeable batteries that heat up the liquid solution stored in the cartridge to form vapors or aerosols that users can inhale through its mouthpiece. 

E-cigarettes vary in size, shapes, and colors. There are designs that look like antique pipes (e-pipes), rolled tobacco (e-cigar), tanks (usually the large and bulky looking ones), and usual cigarettes. Because of this, the age of people getting attracted to these types of devices drops (to the younger generation) as the years go by. In fact, according to a study by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 20.8% and 4.9% of high school students and middle school students in the country are using e-cigarettes. 

You don’t have to buy a full set of high-class devices if you want an alternative to control your cravings for tobacco-based cigarettes for there are platforms that offer disposable products that will serve as your e-cigarette starter kit. 

Nicmaxx, one of the leading e-cigarette shops online, offers great varieties of goods that will satisfy your needs. Below are 3 of the best disposable cigarette by the brand that you should not miss: 

  1. The Maxx

With a rich bold taste that is similar to traditional tobacco cigarettes, The Maxx is Nicmaxx signature product that is loved by consumers as it is the “best cigarette-like device without the ‘additives’”.

Compared to other e-cigarette manufactures, Nicmaxx has been successful in satisfying the taste of their buyers with this flavor and different experience that has no tobacco smell— a trait that is absent to other brands. 

  1. Classic Mild

If you are not a fan of strong-flavored cigarettes, then NicMaxx’s Classic Mild one will serve you right with its smooth effect that will relax your system without leaving any strong odor from the vapor. 

  1. Menthol Maxx

NicMaxx’s Methol Maxx disposable e-cigarette will give you the kind of mint that you are looking in a cigarette. Who wouldn’t want the cool sensation the product would give?

If people want menthol-flavored cigarettes, who wouldn’t want menthol e-cigarettes that are not as harmful as the traditional ones? 

What’s inside the NICMAXX starter kits for disposable e-cigarettes?

  • 2 cartridges (note: 1 cartridge is equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes)
  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 Battery

Other benefits of the device:

  • NicMaxx’s Methol Maxx disposable e-cigarette batteries last up to 10 hours in a single charging
  • A year warranty
  • Lifetime warranty replacement for the battery
  • Gives your money back within 30 days if you are not satisfied with the product
  • Smoke and odor-free environment
  • You can save money and cut down your nicotine intake

 If you are not yet fully ready to give up smoking, you can at least cut down your nicotine intake by using e-cigarettes. You don’t necessarily need to buy premium packages if you are still new in using this device. In fact, you can buy E-Cigarette starter kits from reliable shops online like NicMaxx.

 NicMaxx offers varieties of products from excellent quality e-cigarettes to accessories that users will need from time to time. For their E-Cigarette starter kits, the brand offers three varieties including The Maxx, Classic Mild and Menthol Maxx.

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