3 Essential Things You Should Know About Nicotine-Free Vape Juice

Most people switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes because they want to avoid the health-threatening effects of nicotine. It does not mean that e-cigarettes are entirely nicotine-free itself. It is the vape juices that vary in nicotine levels. In fact, there are those that have no nicotine content.

When you buy an e-cigarette starter kit, you can easily request for nicotine-free juices. What exactly are nicotine-free juices, you may ask? They are a good alternative for tobacco, especially encouraged to former tobacco smokers who want live a healthier life but are not quite sure on quitting the habit.

E juices without nicotine have a higher concentration of flavoring.

Vape juices are loved for its variety of flavors. NICMAXX starter kits, for instance, offer- e-juices flavored with MAXX menthol, the brand’s nicotine-free variant. Most variants with very little to zero nicotine in it have strong flavors to teach the brain divert its attention to the flavor than the nicotine itself.

The concept is actually good, according to experts, to those with “sweet tooth” who want to cut down on sugar. They can just vape with e-juice that has high-concentrated sugare content.

Stronger-flavored variants are also effective in helping people overcome nicotine addiction. Over the years, numerous vape sellers have noticed a spike in their sales, noting that -people are buying strong-flavored vape juices more than nicotine-containing ones.

Vape juices with strong flavor contents take people’s mind off nicotine as they crave for the flavor more, as time goes by. With its diet-friendly effect, it surely is a good solution to nicotine dependence.

Many vapers love to do tricks with their e-cigarettes.

Vape juices with 0% nicotine are more trick-vaping-friendly. Trick vaping requires someone to consume a huge amount of e juice. If the person doing the tricks is using e-juice with high nicotine content, the  level of exposure to it is definitely not healthy.

Moreover, the clouds produced are not as dense as those with nicotine-free variants, which make tricks easier to do. The tricks when vaping require a lot of practice so using e juices with nicotine is not really the best way to do it. Nicotine-free vape juices are smoother to take in so repeatedly consuming them to perfect a trick is not as difficult as when juices that have nicotine are used.

It has also been observed that when using non-nicotine e-juices, the clouds produced are way bigger than when using ones with nicotine. It is the same case of ingredient ratio factor in flavor concentration. Less to zero nicotine gives way to higher amounts of other ingredients like vegetable glycerin. That is the ingredient that makes it highly possible for clouds to be formed when vaping.

Nicotine is the main cause of the “throat hit” that many tobacco smokers experience.

Some like it but there is still a large population of tobacco smokers who are not a fan of it. That is one of the many reasons why former tobacco smokers quitting nicotine enjoy e-cigarettes, instead. However, the problem when they pick their first e-cigarette starter kit is they forget to request 0% nicotine e-juices. As mentioned above, “throat hit” is caused by nicotine so vaping nicotine-containing vape juices does not really take that away.

While some people find pleasure in that “throat hit,” some prefer a smoother vaping experience, and nicotine-free e juices are the best for them. Definitely, nicotine-free e juices are not just a great solution for people who want to quit nicotine. It, also, has a cool advantage that can make anyone’s vaping experience more satisfying.

If you are a beginner in vaping, it is advisable that you request for 0% nicotine vape juices for your e-cigarette starter kit so you can better enjoy the experience smoothly and practice tricks in no time. Vaping is fun when you can enjoy the tricks and the taste of its unique flavors.

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