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26 Aug 2019

Which Should You Buy? Vape Mode Or Vape Pen?

Choosing between buying a vape mod or vape pen can be daunting because there are a lot of amazing options available in the market, so you have to know which of them will fit your needs. To
8 Aug 2019

Yes! There Are iOS, Android Vape Apps

Almost everything under the sun has now an application that can be readily downloaded from online stores. So does the vaping industry. E-cigarettes and vape users look for some vaping apps in order to help them enjoy
5 Aug 2019

Why Nicmaxx Starter Kit Is The Best Option For Newbie E-cigarette Users?

Cigarette prices have been continuously soaring in almost every country over the past four decades. The said effort is the response of the different state governments to the increasing numbers of smokers whose feet are becoming closer
31 Jul 2019

Here’s How To Choose The Right Vape For You

Whether you decided to quit cigarette smoking or not, or just curious about vaping, knowing the best qualities of the appropriate e-cigarette kit for you is important. You should know that choosing the appropriate electronic cigarette (e-cig)
27 Jul 2019

Why Nicmaxx “Menthol Maxx” Flavored 36mg Juice for Vapor Will Give You the Ultimate Experience?

It is easy to say to people who smoke to stop this particular vice. However, this is one of the hardest things to do especially if you are a hardcore smoker. You can try to stop at
25 Jul 2019

The Best Nicmaxx Rechargeable Kit That Will Satisfy Your Senses than Traditional Cigarettes

If you are looking for a premium quality electronic cigarette brand that will give you a greater sensation than the traditional cigarettes, then Nicmaxx got you covered. One of the brand’s main components in creating their products
23 Jul 2019

The 5 Best Selling E-Cigarette Accessories that would be Perfect Partners for Your Device

According to research, the electronic cigarette industry will continue to rise with the compound annual growth rate of 22% by 2022 ($19.35 billion). The countries that will contribute to this growth include Russia, the Philippines, Taiwan, South
21 Jul 2019

How to Refill Your E-Cigarette Cartridge The Fast and Easy Way

Whether for the purpose of getting rid of nicotine addiction or recreational use, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are becoming more accepted as an alternative to traditional smoking even by hardcore adult smokers across the world.  E-cigarettes are run
19 Jul 2019

E-cigarette Vapor Juice: Check Criteria To Have An Excellent Vaping Experience

Electronic cigarettes became largely popular as the massive drive to abate nicotine addiction of almost 1 billion cigarette smokers transpired worldwide. Aside from being considered as a much safer practice than tobaccos, vaping (the act of smoking
15 Jul 2019

Cartridge Refill: Signs That Your E-cigarette Needs It