How to Choose the Right E-Liquid Strength?

Every day, the number of people who turn to vaping keeps on increasing. Thanks to the strong campaign of many health practitioners against the dire health effects of smoking. Manufacturers would present vaping as a clear substitute for smoking. It’s also regarded as a feasible means of how to make the right transition from being a smoker to becoming smoke-free. If you feel that you are among those who can make use of vaping as a means to quit smoking, then better familiarize yourself with the different kinds of E-Cigs Liquid.

An Introduction to E-Liquids

E-liquids, more popularly called e-juice, vape juice or liquid, refer to the liquid that is used for electronic vapor devices. These are the ones that are converted into vapor. The smoke that you see emanating from an e-cig-device is an offshoot of the liquid. This liquid is made up of several ingredients. The two main ingredients are propylene glycol or PG and the vegetable glycerin or VG. The former is the additive used in medications and food, while the latter acts as both an additive and also a preservative. Aside from the PG and VG, e-liquids also have nicotine and flavoring.

Unlike tobacco cigarettes that naturally produce nicotine, the ones in e-liquids are extracted from certain substances. One source of nicotine is salts. Through scientifically-tested processes, some labs extract nicotine from salts. There are manufacturers of e-cigs liquid that only make use of the purest nicotine. Usually, the amount of nicotine in these liquids is the determinant used by vapers in choosing the e-liquid to use.

PG and VG Ratio

As mentioned earlier, VG refers to vegetable glycerin while PG refers to propylene glycol. These two components are important whenever you would choose to buy e-cig liquids. The ratio that you will see in these liquids refers to the ratio between VG and PG. One example is vape juice which has a 50/50 ratio. This means that its content is made up of 50% VG / 50% PG.

Between VG and PG, the former is thicker, creates more vapor, but does not have much flavor. PG, on the other hand, is quite the opposite. It is a lighter liquid but it can carry more flavors. With regards to throat hit, it is PG that will create more hits. So if you want more throat hit and that you can savor the flavors from these e-juices, you might want to consider trying those with a higher PG. If you want to play with flavors, you can always purchase several kinds of e-juices. In case, you like to have fun with the different shapes of smoke you can create, then those with the higher VG will be ideal.

Nicotine Levels

If you are determined to quit smoking, and yet you don’t want tVAPE NICMAXXo suffer from the agonizing withdrawal process, then you can select e-juices with high nicotine levels to start with. Obviously, you must not stay at this level. You have to gradually reduce the nicotine content of the e-juice you are using. Many smokers regard this as the most effective way to quit. Instead of abruptly cutting off nicotine from their system, they go for gradual withdrawal through vaping.

 These are the basic things you need to remember whenever you are in a quandary regarding the strength of e-liquids that you should buy. If you want more smoke, then go for the one with a higher VG. If you want more throat hit and flavor, one with a higher PG will be ideal. Now if you don’t care about any of these, and you just want to quit smoking, then check the nicotine levels. From there, you will be able to gradually reduce nicotine levels of the e-juices.

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