E-cigarette Vapor Juice: Check Criteria To Have An Excellent Vaping Experience

Electronic cigarettes became largely popular as the massive drive to abate nicotine addiction of almost 1 billion cigarette smokers transpired worldwide. Aside from being considered as a much safer practice than tobaccos, vaping (the act of smoking e-cigarettes) are seen to be much entertaining that it is mostly attracting a much younger crowd than ever before.

VAPE NICMAXXUnlike the boring tobaccos that only allows the smokers to breath in and breath out more than 7,000 of its chemical components, e-cigarettes do not only take smoking to a whole new level of sensational experience as it also uncover the hidden talents of its users in performing mind-blowing tricks with the use of only their skills and the vapor produced by the device. In fact, many ordinary individuals became widely known after showing off their vaping tricks in different online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the video-sharing site YouTube.

Another feature of e-cigarettes that also attracts the vapers is its ability to make them taste different flavors, taking over the position of menthol ones that have been the top pick of the smokers for years. Among the flavors that have been the top picks of e-cigarette users are mixed berries (cherry, raspberry), tropical (peach, lemon, berry, melon, orange), cheesecake, cereal, and ice cream.

 If you are among the e-cigarette users who love to try different vapor juice or a newbie that about to explore different varieties available in the market, here are the things that you have to look for in a vapor juice in order for you to have your ultimate vaping experience: 

  1. Strength

It is important to know the strength of the vape juice that you are about to purchase because it may ruin your vaping experience. There are mild and strong ones that you may not be comfortable once you hit the mouthpiece of your e-cigarette. 

Just like in drinking alcohol, you must first know your limit so you may not spoil the moment later on. 

  1. Flavor

Make sure to read the label or description of the juice flavor in e-liquid bottle. Some flavors are a mixture of different varieties like fruits, pastries, sodas, or milkshakes.

Do not be easily swayed by the appealing picture or the pleasing sound of the flavor’s name. Ask from others for recommendations but make sure to ask yourself as well if you will eat the flavor if were an actual food. Again, you don’t want to ruin your vaping experience because you have chosen the flavor that is out of your league. 

  1. Ingredient

The solution of your e-liquid either contains Nicotine, Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG). 

There are vapor juices that contain nicotine while there are others that do not. If you want to get rid of nicotine in your body but still want to vape, you can choose flavors that do not have this substance as a part of its ingredient. However, if you feel like a little nicotine is alright for you, then you are most likely to have vast varieties of flavors to choose from. 

PG has thinner consistency compared to VG that is why it is a much-preferred ingredient than the other. It produces thinner vapor, makes the e-liquid more flavorful and does not clog the clearomiser or the chimney of the cartridge of your device. 

VG, on the other hand, is the opposite of PG. It has a thicker consistency, produces thicker vapor and may have the tendency to clog your e-cigarette’s clearomiser.

 One more important thing that you have to remember before purchasing the vapor juice of your choice is making sure that you have electronic cigarette accessories to support your device.

 E-cigarette accessories such as cartridges and bags are essential when it comes to vaping lifestyle because they keep things tidy. Having extra cartridges will prevent you from experiencing flavor ghosting (not being able to fully taste the vape juice flavor because it got a little mixed up from the previous e-liquid due to refills). Bags, on the other hand, will keep your e-cigarette paraphernalia organized in one place.

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