3 Reasons Why Your E-Cig is Using so Much Liquid

E-cigs have grown so much popularity for the past years. It is very easy nowadays to get yourself to enjoy this vaping experience; just buy an e-cig and an e cig refill liquid and you are good to go. The longer you use your e-cig, the more that you might also notice that it is using so much e liquid compared before. This could be because you have been using it more often, or simply because there is something wrong with your e-cig, or with the e cig refill liquid that you bought.

Here are 3 reasons why your e-cig is using so much liquid:

Your E-Cig Tank Might be Leaking

One of the reasons as to why your e-cig uses so much e liquid is because the tank might be leaking. This is a result of not filling it up properly. Sometimes, it gets broken because you either fill it up until it is leaking or you just do not simply fill it up the way it is supposed to be filled according to the manual of the e cig or of the e cig refill liquid. Only put the right amount of e liquid in there, not too much and not too less. It needs that small amount of air to create pressure inside. E-cig tanks have what you call a central tube or “chimney”, which is placed from the coil up to the mouthpiece. If you are not careful enough in putting the e liquid, some of it may get there and result in leaking.

Leaking can also be caused by tightening the tank too much or not tightening it enough. The o-rings are placed at the opening of the tank and are responsible for creating a seal and prevent the liquid from leaking. Tightening it up so much might damage the o-rings and therefore result in leaking. On the other hand, not tightening it up enough is just as bad. E liquid can easily escape the tank if it is not properly tightened.

Sub Ohm Vaping

Some e-cig users that have been vaping for a long time might opt to Sub Ohm vaping. It is a vaping experience that produces thicker clouds, which can give you a stronger hit on your throat. It uses a higher voltage setting to be able to create these thick clouds. Higher voltage means higher temperatures, which results in the evaporation of more liquid. Sub Ohm vaping is a good experience especially when you want to try something new aside from regular vaping. But keep in mind that it can also consume more liquid so be prepared to invest more money on electric cigarette refill liquid.

You are Using a Cheap E Cig Refill Liquid

Using a cheap electronic cigarette refill liquid could also be the reason why your e-cig use so much liquid. Cheap e-liquid usually is less concentrated and therefore can be easily vaporized, which results in unnecessary e-liquid consumption. Also, because of the low concentration, this kind of electric cigarette refill liquid is more likely to leak out of the tank. You can opt to buy e cig refill liquids that are of higher quality with thicker concentration to avoid getting leaks.

If you want to make the life of your e-cig longer, make sure that you take care of it properly. Always keep it in check for possible damages, use a vaping voltage that is appropriate to your needs, and do not buy a cheap e cig refill liquid. You can enjoy your e-cig better if you choose the right choices.

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