6 Simple Steps To Clean Your E-Cigarette

E-cigarettes are just like the other items that you use every day, as you use them frequently they will become cluttered with grime, dirt and other things inevitably. E-cigarettes that are not cleaned can collect microorganisms.

Your atomizer will get flooded too no matter how careful you are and your tank will empty itself. Your e-cig will become dirty from pocket lint and dust. Cleaning it frequently is a great practice because not only will it remove dirt and other particles, it can also extend the life of your e-cig. 

Cleaning your e-cig will also ensure that your vapor production is efficient, the airflow will remain clear and the battery will continue to deliver clean power. A clean e-cig provides the best vaping experience. 

There are ways that you can clean your e-cig, basically, you will just need an absorbent paper towel to get it done. Having 2 to 3 towels handy can make the cleaning easier. For a small area, you can use cotton swabs or pipe cleaners. If you need to remove e-liquid residue or sticky dust, you can rub a bit of alcohol. 

Here are the steps on how to clean your e-cigarette:

Disassemble your e-cigVAPE NICMAXX

Before you clean your e-cig, you need to wait until your atomizer is completely dry and your tank is empty, then you can disassemble your e-cig. Remove the tank and take it apart, then remove the battery

Wipe the e-cig

Wipe the body thoroughly with a dry paper towel, it will clear away dust and it can soak up stray e-liquid. Fold the paper towel and push it into the threading of the atomizer that is found at the top and twists it to clear away the debris. If your e-cig has small ridges that collect dust, you can wet a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol and you can use it to clear away the dust. 

Clean the inside

If your e-cig has a removable battery, you need to clean the battery compartment too. You need to avoid moisture collecting inside the e-cig, so clean it using a dry paper towel. If the battery terminals are dirty, use a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol to clean them. Wipe away the excess alcohol and do not use your e-cig again until it is completely dry. 

How to clean the tank

Cleaning your e-cig is important, but cleaning the tank is vital. It is the component that touches your mouth and it makes the vapor that you inhale. For safety and hygiene, you need to make sure that your e-cig and your tank are cleaned regularly. 

Disassemble the tanks

If you are using an RTA or RDA, it means that you are ready to create a new coil. Disassemble your tank, remove the coil and wick and throw them away. 

Wash the components

Wash the build deck or the base, glass or sleeve and the drip tip with soap and warm water. You need to use a cotton swab to clean tight spaces like the drip tip, base, chimney or tank. Dry all the components thoroughly and remember that any water remaining in your tank could cause a short when you make a new coil or when you use a new pre-built coil. 

Vaping is fun and it is a great alternative to smoking, although it is very easy to use since the components can be replaced and refilled, it is still important to make sure that they are clean. Your safety and health are important, remember that you put the components of the e-cig in your mouth and inhale it, making your body absorb it. It is best to make sure that there are no microorganisms, dust and other particles growing in your device.

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