3 Most Proper Ways to Break-In Your New Vape Coils; This Is How You Should Do It!

Vape NICMAXX. It’s like when ice skaters have to break-in their skates first before they officially perform in them. Otherwise, they would end up having badly wounded feet.

Your vape coils have to be warmed up the right way for it to not burn your cotton wool and produce burnt e-liquid flavors. Your coil break-in also dictates how long your new vape coil is going to last. E-cigarette accessories could be a little pricey, so you want this one to last as long as possible.

Here are 3 different ways to properly warm up your vape coil:

Shake it!

This method is very easy to do because you won’t be needing any tool for this. All you have to do is use your hand in pouring your e-liquid into your vape tank. After that, just start shaking your electronic cigarette as hard as you can.

The goal here is to produce air bubbles so you have to be sure the vibration you make in shaking is hard enough to create them. Air bubbles are said to be helpful in getting the liquid up faster. That should properly warm up your new vape coil.

Suction Technique

Shaking might be the simplest method in terms of how to do it but suctioning is the fastest way. This might be a little tricky for some, so read carefully.

What you have to do first is create some sort of vacuum to assure that the wicking material sucks the e-liquid much faster. When the coils are set already, immediately block the air passages. You do not want air getting in when you take dry hits with your battery power off.

Take only up to five dry hits and make sure your coils do not get flooded or get the liquid into your mouth.

Power-On Method

It is a step-by-step process most electronic cigarette users do despite being a longer process than the previously mentioned methods:

  • Set the wattage to the lowest setting recommended when you start taking a few hits.
  • Take a few short vape hits to warm up your coil.
  • Now set the power by 5 watts to make a gradual increase.
  • Take three normal vape hits under that 5-watt power.
  • Repeat the gradual wattage increase until you get to that preferred power setting.

Now, this is a very technical process as it observes the use of power and gradual steps. It has its good purpose though. Slowly breaking-in your vape coils assure that your wick is well saturated to prevent your e-liquid from having a burnt taste. Also, a saturated wick lengthens the life of your coil, saving it from common damages.

The wattage used when you vape greatly affects how long your coil is going to last. That is why gradually setting the power from the lowest advised setting to 5 watts is effective in preparing your coil for more regular use. Of course, you are going to be using your electronic cigarette a lot after priming it. Failing to properly break it in for a good start is like not warming up your car enough during the winter–you could expect it to just break down once on the road.

This particular method might not be for vape users who are not that patient. Sometimes, it could just be exciting to finally play with your device right after getting new electronic cigarette accessories. The first two methods are available for you to also try. They are as good as this very detailed one anyway.

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