How To Charge Your E-Cigarette Safely?

E-cigs have lithium batteries, and like all lithium batteries, they can fail, and this often happens when charging. There have been stories about e-cigarette explosions, which is why learning to charge your e-cig safely is essential. 

Although there is a possibility of thermal runaway with a lithium battery, most of the reports resulted from important safety advice that was ignored. Here are some rules that you need to follow when charging your e-cig battery. If you do encounter problems, you will be able to know what the issue is and you can minimize the damage. 

Do not leave your e-cig charging unattended.

This advice is the most common one, it is printed in all e-cigarette manual, and there is a reason for it. Things can go wrong while your e-cig is charging, and if you are not therE Cig Charger - NICMAXXe to see it, it could cause more damage. A leak in the water pipe can create serious issues if you do not act on the problem immediately and if you continue to let it be for a long time. 

If your battery is overheating and you left it unattended, it could explode, or it could create a firework-like accident since the charger would still be working into the e-cig battery system. This can harm you, your family, and it can damage your property. If you see your battery swelling or heating up, remove the charger from the wall socket or USB port immediately and place it somewhere safe and let it cool down. 


Do not charge overnight.

Charging your e-cig at night may seem like the perfect idea because it does not interfere with your vaping through the day. However, it is not advised to leave your e-cig charging while you sleep. If your e-cig is overcharged, it can cause thermal runaway, and it could explode. No e-cig model will require you to charge it for 6 to 8 hours since it’s usually 3 to 4 hours. 

Once your e-cig is fully charged, the LED light on the charger will immediately change its color, usually to green. It is to inform you that it is ready and you need to be there to remove the e-cig from the charger. 

Where to charge your e-cig

It is important to charge your e-cig battery in a safe place, away from all the sources of heat and flammable materials. As well as problems with excessive heat, the lithium batteries should not be charged at freezing temperatures. This is because the anode becomes coated with lithium, and once it is built, it can’t be reversed. It can lead to battery failure. 

You should always charge your batteries out of reach of pets or children. It is best not to leave your charging e-cig unattended and follow the safety precautions. 

If you want maximum safety, do not charge your e-cig with other chargers. Make sure that you only use the charger from the manufacturer of your e-cig. Mixing the chargers could open you up for additional dangers, so it is best to stick to the official charger. Cross-compatibility is possible with a lot of chargers and models, but you must research the power specifications and the requirements thoroughly before purchasing a different model.  

E-cig batteries can fail, but it usually happens because users do not follow the safety rules and because they become negligent. Having failed batteries are not just expensive since you need to buy a new one for replacement, but it can also be dangerous. A lot of users had their life on the line because of explosions and other accidents caused by e-cig batteries; it is best to follow the rules so you won’t be a victim.

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