Yes! There Are iOS, Android Vape Apps

VAPE NICMAXXAlmost everything under the sun has now an application that can be readily downloaded from online stores. So does the vaping industry. E-cigarettes and vape users look for some vaping apps in order to help them enjoy their vaping experience to a full extent. Are you a social media influences who happens to smoke cigarettes electronically and just wants to share to the world how satisfying it can be? Maybe you are looking for a vaping app that will help you calculate how you build your coils or formulate the best e-liquid flavor or just fishing for information about conserving the battery life of your e-cigs or what’s the latest e-cigarette starter kit in the market. Whatever it is, this list of vape apps will provide you with useful direction as to what apps to install when you’re about to enjoy your newly purchased e-cig.

Vape Boss

If you need a one-stop informant on your vaping needs, Vape Boss is your guy. It is complete with not just the information that you should know about vaping, but also helpful in connecting with your fellow e-cig/vape enthusiasts as it is also a form of social media platform. When you install Vape Boss to your mobile phone, it’s like you’ll be using Instagram but only for vaping. Details about e-juices that you may use, mods, atomizers, and some products such as NICMAXX starter kits are all in there. You may also look for worldwide stores of Vape Boss, calculate Ohms Law, follow a building guide for e-cigs, and others through the user tools that are made available through this app. Vape Boss offers a very comprehensive feature for vaping that they claim themselves as the number 1 vape app in the world.


Another social media platform for the vaping community is the Vaffle. Since the use of e-cigs and vapes is not fully accepted by the society especially with what is being shared on YouTube and Facebook, Vaffle aims to signify acceptance for the e-cig and vape users. Just like Vape Boss, it could be your Instagram-like account for vaping. You have your own feed where you can post your vaping videos and photos, news feed where you can see other people’s vape-related posts, and a section for vape reviews. It also contains useful tools for vaping such as e-cig calculator, a vape journal, and nearby stores lookout.

E-Liquid Calculator

What makes a vaping experience personalized comes from its customizing feature. One of which is the capability of the users to formulate their own e-liquids or e-juices to their desirable flavor. The E-Liquid Calculator app allows you to enjoy mixing e-juices to your liking. Just like mixing drinks for a cocktail party, this part is definitely fun. You can decide the straightforward mixes that you desire, as well as its extreme advanced feature of tweaking the base nicotine, e-liquid quantity, and more through this app’s calculator. It will make sure you get the optimum level of mix every time you use this app.

Thanks to these vape apps’ availability for both Android and iOS users and their no-fee feature except for the E-liquid calculator. Having these applications is really an advantage to all kinds of e-cig or vape users given the complexity of this advanced type of smoking. You all know that the wide selection of e-cig or vape flavors, various personalized specifications, built-in atomizers and such make its huge upgrade from the traditional tobacco products. Just make sure that you buy an e-cigarette starter kit with the correct and complete accessories and install these amazing apps, then you’re more than good to go.

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