4 Biggest Tips On How To Choose The Right E-Liquid

The soul of an e-cigarette is the e-liquid, that is why it is very important to choose the right one for you. If you do not have any liquid, you can’t use your e-cig. Tons of flavor are out in the market, so it could be overwhelming to choose which ones to get. Here are some tips on how to choose an e-liquid:


The flavor is the first that you must consider when purchasing a liquid. There may be other things such as the vapor production, VG or PG and nicotine strength, but if you do not like the flavor of the liquid, you won’t be able to use it. The good news is that liquids come in almost all kinds of flavors that you can think of, from tobacco blends to food, from fruits to cocktails, the choices are never-ending. Beginners often choose classic tobacco blends that match the flavor of cigarette brands. A lot of liquid manufacturers create tobacco blends that give you a taste of popular VAPE NICMAXXcigarette brands. 

Once you get used to the taste, you want to try something else and be more adventurous so that you can try out food blends or fruit blends. Some people prefer flavors like pizza, cake, or wafer while others like watermelon, mango, or grape. There are also mixed flavors where fruits, food, and tobacco ones are mixed to create new flavors. 

Being presented with all these choices can be overwhelming and confusing, especially to beginners, so when choosing liquids, you can start with the ones that you know that you will like and flavors that you are already familiar with. Once you get used to the flavor, you can try other flavors. 


Once you know the flavor that you want, the next thing that you need to consider is the nicotine strength. There are various strengths to choose from; low, which is 6mg and ideal for light smokers; medium, 9mg to 16mg and ideal for average smokers and high, 18mg to 36mg and ideal for heavy chain smokers. 

It is important to get the right nicotine strength because little nicotine will make you vape more so you can compensate on the strength while too much nicotine will make you dizzy. It is best to start at the lowest level and work your way up if you are not satisfied. 

VG and PG

Propylene Glycol or PG and Vegetable Glycerol or VG are two main base solutions in liquids. VG tastes a bit sweet, is viscous and can make massive vapors while PG gives more flavor but makes weak vapor. Because of the differences in quality, liquid manufacturers make the all-VG base, all-PG base, or a mixed base for better vapor. However, some are allergic to PG, so if you find yourself getting hives, itching or having difficulty breathing after smoking on a mix or pure PG base, then you need to switch to VG. 


Each manufacturer creates liquids differently; one brand’s flavor will taste different from other brands. The nicotine level also depends on the manufacturer. Before purchasing a liquid, you can do a taste test to see if it matches your taste buds. If you want to buy online, you can get a tester pack. These packs are a set of various flavors that you can try so you will know which ones to get. 

It will take time to be able to choose the best flavor, strength, and base, but you need to do a bit of an experiment so you won’t just settle for what you see is available. Part of the experience and fun of vaping is being able to try different things, even mixes that you never thought possible. It is important to note that the liquids should be purchased from a licensed manufacturer and they should be of the highest quality. Once you find your groove, you will be able to enjoy vaping.

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