How to Use Electronic Cigarette FIN

We all have habits that we cannot seem to drop. It doesn’t matter whether it is good or bad for us. Some habits that we can’t seem to quit. If you are a smoker and have countlessly thought about quitting, then you must have tried any option available. If you are in the stage where you want to transition from being a chronic smoker to a non-smoker, then you may have tried using an electronic cigarette. This generation is hooked to e-cigarettes and vape rather than traditional tobacco products. If you want to know more about this alternative and how to use it, then keep on reading.

One of the leading brands on the e-cig industry in the US is the FIN electronic cigarettes. They are formerly known as “Finity”. It has an established presence across the US, especially in convenience stores and gas stations. Their product looks and feels like a traditional cigarette. The only difference is that it has no lingering odor and no offensive smoke, which makes it more promising than the original tobacco product. Through this, you can achieve the best alternative smoking experience. They offer a variety of refillable e-cigarette products and rechargeable; you will not run out of choices.

How do you use FIN electronic cigarettes?

Just like any e-cig, FIN electronic cigarette is made from a cartomizer – the one heating the liquid flavoring and nicotine, a battery – the one that powers the heating element, the sensor – the one that activates when the user sucks the device and the solution – the e-liquid or juice that is a combination of flavoring and nicotine. If you have already bought a FIN e-cig, here are the easy steps on how to use it.

Remove rubber caps from the cartomizer. Take note that the cartomizer stays in good condition for approximately one year. It may contain a certain level of nicotine, tobacco, and menthol flavor contains 1.6% nicotine by volume.

Screw the cartomizer into the rechargeable battery. Take note that this e-cigarette is rechargeable. If you want to charge it, just unscrew the battery from the cartomizer and screw the battery into the USB charger. The LED on the battery will light up as an indication that it is charging. The LED light will automatically turn off once the e-cigarette is fully charged.

Enjoy! It will take about 300 puffs until the battery runs out so make the most out of every puff.

E-Cigarettes Free Starter Kit

If you are new to vape and e-cigarettes, don’t fret FIN have you covered, they offer a starter kit that contains the e-cigarette, e-liquid cartridge, a battery, and a USB charger. FIN offers:

Traditional E-Cigarette Vaping Starter Kit

It includes a rechargeable 280mAh battery, a USB charger, and one cartomizer that is equal to over two packs of cigarettes. It is available in tobacco and menthol flavors.

E-Cigarette Refill Cartridges

E-cig starter kits also come with cartridges that you can afford at an affordable price. Every cartridge contains a different flavor that will suit your varying tastes. If you are bored with the bland flavor of other electronic cigarettes you can try NICMAXX and its offer of different flavors. Here are some of the e-cig refill cartridges they offer.

NICKMAXX “The MAXX” Cartridge Pack

It contains five cartridges that have the traditional and full-flavored cigarette but minus the tobacco smoke. Each cartridge is equivalent to two packs of cigarettes. You will get the authentic flavor but it emits an odorless vapor. You can afford it for $14.99 at their website

NICKMAXX “MAXX Menthol” Cartridge pack

It contains five cartridges and offers the feel and nicotine hit of the traditional menthol cigarette. It has no tobacco smoke or any cigarette smell. Buy this at their website for only $14.99.

NICKMAXX “Classic Mild” Cartridge Pack

It contains five cartridges that have the full premium flavor of the traditional light and filtered cigarette. Currently, it costs $14.99 on their website.

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