Top 5 Vape Accessories To Achieve The Ultimate Vaping Experience

Vaping is a personal experience. Everyone has their preference when it comes to the device and taste used. Some prefer the traditional juice while others go for the exotic ones. Some people prefer minis to box mods, and others prefer sub-ohm vape. Since there are a lot of flavors, nicotine levels, and accessories that you need to consider when vaping, it can be overwhelming and costly. 

Vaping is now considered an investment. Whether you are vaping to get rid of your traditional cigarette smoking habit or you are doing it just for fun, you still need to make sure that you get the best accessories. Instead of spending a lot of money on random accessories, you can check out the five best vaping accessories to give you an idea on what to get. 

Box Mod

Once you get into vaping, it is best to start modifying. Instead of puffing the same way every day, you can switch everything up to make it exciting. Mods come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. You can buy them as an entire kit, or you can purchase it as is. This accessory is lightweight and fires every single puff you make. Most mods that they sell come in a set of parts, a manual and a charger.


Once you have a vape juice that you like and a solid battery, you can add a vape tank. You can buy this accessory anywhere, but getting a good one can truly make your vaping experience a hundred times better. Consider the capacity of the tank that you are going to buy. Most of them hold around 6ml of juice; it can last you hours of vaping. Some of them also work between .15 and .5 ohm resistances, as they are built for sub-ohm vaping. Tanks have direct airflow inlet control; it allows you to control the changes in the airflow. That can give you a comfortable and smooth vaping experience.


Most people think of nicotine-based vaping, but that is not always what it is for. If you have been around people who smoke week, you know that they use vape too. Weed vaping looks different than a regular vaping; it is because their accessory is different. A vape tank that supports weed can make it look like you are using a regular vape. Weed tanks use wax and not liquid. Wax is a very concentrated form of THC, it can help you smoke without getting recognized plus you will get stoned more than when you smoke using paper. Weed tanks include ceramic housing, mouthpiece, a connector base, atomizer, a packing tool, and a screwdriver.



Once you get into smoking e-cigarettes, there are different ways on how to do it. You can buy a regular vape set, and you can use whatever is included in the package. You can also use an accessory to have a different experience. The most popular accessory is the sub-ohm. This means that you vape under an ohm or a unit of electrical resistance that is measured. Sub-ohming is different since three things are set apart from regular smoking, it has a warm vapor, a very flavorful puff, and a huge vapor production.

Drip tip

Smoking e-cigs and vaping allow you to switch everything up to enhance your experience. One of the accessories that you can use is drip tips. Also known as a mouthpiece, they come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and they are made from different materials. The most common ones are made from wood, glass, metal, plastic, and ceramic. Most of them are shaped like a vase, and they are designed to fit in your mouth and so that they are comfortable to use. You need to be careful while using drip tips as they can break easily.

Vaping is not just a simple huff and puff anymore. If you want to go to new extremes, you can get the e cig accessories that will give you the experience that you are looking for.

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