How Do You Set Up an Electronic Cigarette

An electronic cigarette is known as a battery powdered cigarette that heats a liquid and turns it into an aerosol that users tend to inhale and exhale. It is said to be a substitute for tobacco cigarettes existing in the market. Before anything else, minors are restricted to use this product. 

An electronic cigarette has varieties of shapes, sizes, and flavors that satisfy the consumers. Just like the “Smooth Electronic cigarette “ or the “Smooth BIPX2 Starter kit smooth VIP” and “ Nicmaxx smooth starter kit”, that gives you a refreshment time without flames or smokes, offers you a variety of tastes and can be used repeatedly. You need to set it up properly to avoid harm and pick an electronic cigarette that suits your taste. 

So how are you going to set up your electronic cigarette?? Below are a series of steps that will help you set it up, most especially for first-timers. 

Let’s get started!!

The Battery

The first thing to do when setting up an electronic cigarette is to unlock and charge its battery. Like phones and other gadgets, it’s not a hundred presciently charged. So might as well charge it first before using it. Before charging it, make sure that you pressed the battery five times within 3 seconds. You can use a USB charger and feel free to plug it. Even though it has shut off feature, you must be attentive when charging something, as it might cause trouble. You can start connecting the battery once the green light appears.

The Top Bit or the Clearomiser

The next thing to do after charging is filling up the clearomiser with the electronic liquid. 

Pod System – For those electronic cigarettes that is a pod system, first locate the filling cavity along with the pod. Make sure that it’s exact to the hole to prevent leftovers. It is sometimes filled to the other side but mostly from the top depending on the design, just read the manual given located inside the box.

Traditional Tank – now if you are using a traditional tank, first identify if it’s a top fill or a bottom fill. In the range of 9, most e-cigarettes are top filled. 

Even though it has its Marfil line (a line indicating you where to stop), still you must slowly fill the pod or the tank to avoid overflowing. 

Getting it all together        

Now, how are you feeling? I know you’re a bit excited to use your vape. After an hour or two of charging and a minute of filling, you may start putting your electronic cigarette together. Assure that it is connected straightly so that you won’t damage the thread. Now if you’re not confident with your work, feel free to repeat it and start all over again. 

Prime your coil

As you prime your pod or tank, you are also able to experience the best of flavors that this product offers. Just be reminded of this thing: ALLOCATE A TIME OF FIVE MINUTES BEFORE USING IT. That before applying heat, you still need to ensure that your e-liquid soaks right along with the coil; let it rest first to prevent troubles like getting a nasty dry hit.

For additional information, there are two kinds of vape: the fixed powdered and the variable powdered. Fixed powdered vape may be classified as a device that has no controls and displays screens, while variable powdered vape has display screens and controls on the side; these are used to adjust the power of your electronic cigarette.

Now that you already set your electronic cigarette up and was able to use it, just make sure that it is always clean to prevent bacteria. Also, be advised that you must have an advanced refill for your tanks and pods. 

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