Know About E-Cigarette Refilling

Vaporizers occur in various types, so refilling each type is done differently. Some vaporizers are refilled manually by filling the clearomizer with the e-liquid while the other types are refilled with new tanks. Clearomizers are cylindrical and have a pyrex glass tank. It allows you to check the level of e-juice inside it. Know about the two systems of vaporizers and how they work. The company will help you find the most suitable for you.

Closed vs. Open System Vaporizers

Vaporizers occur in two types of systems. It may either be a closed or open system. In a closed system, tanks are being used. E-liquid in this type is placed inside a tank or cartridge, which means refilling cannot be done manually. If you notice that your e-cigarettes produce less vapor and flavor becomes weaker, then it is time for e-cigarette cartridge replacement. The company offers various types of tanks from which you can choose. Prices are guaranteed to be cheaper and have excellent quality. They can also help you replace it, but if you want to do it on your own, you just have to unscrew the old one and replace it with the new cartridge. Always check whether it is on its correct orientation as it can affect the quality of vapor to be produced. Also, remember to always throw your used tank responsibly.

The other type of vaporizer is the open system. One can see whether it is time for an e-cig cartridge refill because it has a clear window where you can see if it still has e-liquid. Its clearomizer may also be opened manually to place the e-liquid. Aside from tanks and cartridges, the company also offers a wide range of e-liquid you can choose from. They have tobacco flavored juices, fruity and sweet ones, and even non-nicotine containing e-liquid. To refill, unscrew its battery and mouthpiece from the clearomizer. Then, place the nozzle on the inside wall and avoid its contact with the center tubing because this will lead to flooding and may result in a bad taste when vaping. Flooding may be observed when e-cig has a gurgling sound and vapor production is less than normal. After placing the nozzle properly, squeeze it slowly. Fill the clearomizer with the help of the clear window. Screw back the battery and mouthpiece. Most people use this type of vaporizer because it has a larger capacity compared to the other types. It can store 1.6 to 3 mL of e-liquid. Also, its models are rebuildable and have a replaceable coil, giving it a longer life-cycle. Some would also say that this type delivers superior flavor. 

The company will be of help every step of your way in your vaping journey. They can always help you with whatever e-cigarette problems you might encounter. If you have trouble refilling your tank, just buy e-cig cartridges refill and they will do the job for you. They have efficient and friendly staff to assist you. 

Cleaning your e-cig 

It is important to clean your e-cigarettes once in a while. To deep clean your tanks, you have to detach the tank from the mod and clean any e-liquid residue and disassemble the tank. Non-flavored vodka is always the best to use as solvent since they dissolve e-liquid deposits in the tank. To do this, dampen a paper towel with the vodka and wipe it off on the tanks until it is clean. Then, wipe and rinse the tank with warm water. Let it be air-dried for 15 minutes. After drying, assemble the tank back. Aside from selling vaporizer parts and accessories, the company may also clean your tanks for you. If you buy a cartridge or a refill from them, it may be free. 


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