E-cigarette Flavored Juice: Find Out Which One Is Best For You

If you are one of the 3.7% of Americans who vapes daily, you may have thought about the different vape juice flavors. Hundreds of vape juice flavors are out on the market today, and it is difficult not to be overwhelmed. As someone who vapes, you may want to try as many flavors as you can and experiment a bit just to know what they taste like. 

Well, you are not alone. Around 9 million American adults, from different ages and races, are still trying to find the right flavor for them. It is safe to say that across the board, vaping has been popular. Millions have been added since the last reports in 2014 when they researched about the number of people who vapes daily. And this was way before vaping became a trend. Now, there are more mods, varieties, and options for vapers.

Vape juice offers you a lot of options and a lot of vape flavors. You no longer need to settle with menthol or nicotine, although that still exists. We now have more variety, from circus cookie to loaded glazed donuts. There are so many insane varieties of flavors that it may have left you wondering which flavor is the best for you. There are four main categories that you have to consider before you get a vape juice flavor for you.

The sweetsVAPE - NICMAXX

If you are a fan of sweets, the vape juice world has you covered. Remember the circus cookie and loaded glazed donut that was mentioned earlier? There is also Holy Cannoli French Toast and at least three different milk pairings. You can try milk with donuts, cookies or loops, and if you have got your breakfast bowl of cereal covered. If you are looking for something more traditional, you can try the apple bread pudding. 


For adventurous people

If you are going for the breakfast route, you may want to try bacon-flavored vape juice. Or you can try Red Bull to perk you up. If you are looking for adventure, you may want to try some of these exciting flavors: egg custard, cheesecake fantasy, pancakes, circus coconut cake, rocket pop, and chocolate cake. If you have thought of a flavor, there is a massive chance that it is out there. And if it is not, there are ways to blend and to create your own flavors. 

Fruit lovers

If you are a fruit lover, there are hundreds of fruit-flavored vape and fruit-flavored mix that is available. Fruits are the most common flavor, they are easy to create, and they are universally enjoyed. From dragon fruit to strawberry, from melon to pineapple, from berries to guava, form watermelon to cantaloupe. Name it, and they have it. The best part of this fruit-flavored e-juice is that you can enjoy them for long periods of time. You may not enjoy bacon-flavored juice all the time, but with fruit flavors, you can enjoy them 24/7.

Weird flavors

Believe it or not, there are questionable flavors out there that you can try. Some of the “weird” flavors are black pepper, crab legs, beer, hotdogs, and even pancakes. These flavors are meant to add some excitement in your everyday vaping experience. If you feel like going wild, then you should try one of these flavors and see for yourself if they suit your taste. 

The bottom line is, there is a flavor for everyone. Gone are the days wherein menthol and traditional tobacco flavor are the only ones that you can buy and get a fruit-flavored juice is already labeled as being “adventurous”. We have so many foods out there, so why not try and make them a flavor?

Vape juices are tasty, eclectic, and they are 95% less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes. So at the very least, you have got a cool experiment on your hands.

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